Sound Object #5, Analog Mono Synth From Russia, Collaboration With Modular Moon

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Sound Objects and Modular Moon from Russia have teamed up to create Sound Object #5, an analog monophonic, hands-on Synthesizer 

Smaller synthesizer manufacturers often bring the more interesting instruments onto the market, sorry big players. However, this has a massive disadvantage where the others can offer everything. Often there is not enough budget to promote the device perfectly. Providing YouTubers with devices only helps to a limited extent to get coverage.

Rostov On Don aka Sergei Michailov and Dimitri A, both developers from Russia are one of those cases. A small, still relatively unknown company with a range of very good-sounding, unique synthesizers. For their latest analog Synthesizer, Sound Objects #5, they have now received help to make it better known.

Sound Objects Sound Object #5

Sound Object #5

Both developers have been working with Anna Martinova from Modular Moon to bring this new Russian Synthesizer to a wider audience. In addition to Sound Object #5, they also want to make their other instruments better known. It includes #3 analog bass synth, #4 analog drum synth, Loki analog mono synth, and  Gekkon digital mono synth.

The collaboration consists in making the instruments better known but also to release them at a more attractive price. So that they can be included in the Modular Moon synthesis school educational syllabus.

Sound Object #5 is a monophonic analog Synthesizer with two oscillators, noise, a filter, mixer, LFO, ASR envelope, and an S&H generator. A very simple, classic synthesizer with which you can learn analog synthesis. Without presets and everything hands-on. This is a new version that is fully compatible with the Eurorack format. It adds a number of CV inputs and outputs, English labeling, MIDI, and main audio output.

At the moment there is no exact price. However, Anna Martinova suggests it could cost half the price of a Moog Mother-32 (599€) with has a similar feature set.

At first glance a nice-looking classy analog instrument with solid sound. How deep and wide the sound spectrum is, one would have to take a closer look at a test.

More information here: Sound Objects 

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