Rare Waves Grendel DC-2, Drone Commander 2 Synth Voice Goes In The Second Round

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Rare Waves merges its Drone Commander 2 synth voice with two analog oscillators, two juicy filters … and expander into the new Grendel DC-2 module 

Developers like Doepfer, Erica Synths, Mutable Instruments, and others are among the big players in the Eurorack world. As with classic synth, there are also many small developers who offer many unique products. One of them is Rare Waves from Texas. One of the company’s best sellers is the Grendel Drone Commander 2, a raw analog synth voice consisting of two oscillators based on discrete transistor technology.

This slightly differently structured Synth Voice is now entering the second round with a modified feature set.

Rare Waves Grendel DC-2

Rare Waves Grendel DC-2

The previous version consisted of two modules, the synth voice, and the expander, which gave users more inputs and outputs. The new version visually merges both modules, synth voice & expander in a new 35hp module available in silver and black. Technically there are still two.

An all-analog engine that originates from the desktop analog drone Synthesizer Grendel Drone Commander. Two oscillators, two nasty-sounding filters (one dirty, one classic 4-pole style), an envelope generator, and a comprehensive LFO section capable of producing four simultaneous waveforms.

Especially the original filter is here a feature to highlight. Rare Waves says: “the original filter (VCF 1) stands out with a tone-bending nonlinear bandpass effect, low-frequency self-oscillations, subharmonic generation, and crusty overdrive”. Anyone who knows the predecessor knows how great this dirty filter sounds. In self-oscillation, you can also use it as a third oscillator.

Rare Waves Grendel DC-2

The biggest difference between the desktop and the Eurorack is the significantly higher playability of it. The module has 12 knobs instead of 9, more functions, and 4 push buttons with which you reach them. The expander, now built-in transforms the analog synth, which was initially designed for drones, into a classic synth voice with 18 patch points for audio, modulation, and clock.

The first versions of the Drone Commander were already convincing. This offers everything they have but nicely packaged for Eurorack. If you like a screaming, juicy analog synth voice, this could be an option for you.

Rare Waves Grendel DC-2 will be available soon. Availability & price to be announced.

More information here: Rare Waves 

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