Edisyn, Open-Source Cross-Platform Synthesizer Editor Is Out Now

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Simplify the operation of new and vintage hardware synthesizers with Edisyn, an open-source editor for Linux, macOS & Windows.

We love hardware synthesizers because they offer hands-on control over many parameters. Many musicians and sound designs can certainly confirm to me that this can be frustrating and can take a lot of time now and then. Many instruments offer a super intuitive interface, others require a doctorate.

The last route then leads to software editors, which often simplify the operation of these cryptic user interfaces. No wonder, these too are often not perfect. Often expensive, slow to respond to parameters, etc. Now there is editor software for everyone that costs nothing.



Edisyn is an open-source Synthesizer editor for hardware synthesizers that is free of charge. It runs as a standalone app on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Once opened, there are many templates available for new (Blofeld, Kyra…) as well as rusty, vintage synths with terrible, confusing interfaces. Very nice, there are two versions of the editor for synthesizers with multi-timbral engines. The first controls a single layer and the second manages all layers together. Currently, Edisyn supports the following synths:

  • Alesis D4 and DM5
  • Casio CZ Series (CZ101, CZ1000, CZ3000, CZ5000, CZ-1, CZ-230S)
  • DSI Prophet ’08, Tetra, Mopho, Mopho Keyboard, Mopho SE, and Mopho x4 (Single and (for Tetra) Combo modes)
  • E-Mu Morpheus and Ultraproteus (Single, Hyperpreset, and MidiMap modes), Proteus 1, 1XR, 2, 2XR, 3, 3XR, and 1+Orchestral
  • Kawai K1, K1m, K1r (single & multi modes), K4 & K4r (single, multi, drum, and effect modes), K5 & K5m (singles & multi modes, plus single-cycle wave uploading)
  • Korg microKorg (single & vocoder modes), Microsampler (single & vocoder modes), Wavestation SR (performance, patch, & wave sequence)
  • M-Audio Venom (single, multi, arpeggiator, & global)
  • Novation Drumstation, D station, ReMOTE SL, SL MKII, and SL compact series
  • Oberheim Matrix 6, 6R, & 1000 (Single and (for 1000) Global Modes)
  • IXOX PreenFM2
  • Red Sound DarkStar & DarkStar XP2
  • Roland D-110 (tone & multi modes), JV-80, JV-880 (single & multi modes)
  • Waldorf Blofeld, Blofeld Keyboard (Single & Multi plus wavetable upload), Kyra (single & multi), Microwave II, XT, XTk (single & multi), and Rocket.
  • Yamaha DX7 family, 4-OP FM family, FB-01 (single & multi modes), FS1R (voice, performance, and fseq), TG33, SY22, and SY35 (single & (for TG33) multi modes).

If your beloved hardware synth is not in the list, Eidsyn also gives you the option of building your own banks of MIDI CC, NRPN, RPN, etc


Advanced Patch Design Functionalities

Edisyn also ships with some other cool features including infinite levels of undo, CC & NPRN mapping & learning, real-time parameter updates, pseudo-MPE support. Then there are tools that inspire or even help you with the patch design process like randomization, merging (recombination of two patches), blending, nudging, morphing sounds, and more.

I took a look at some editors. Impressive work in my opinion. I especially like the Blofeld editor because it offers single & multi patch support as well as wavetable uploading. I also appreciate the simple interface of these, which are CPU-friendly and don’t try to mimic the design of the original synths. Keep it simple but effective. Great work Sean Luke.

Edisyn is available now as a free download from Github for Linux, macOS and Windows.

More information here: Github

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  1. The news value escapes me. Edisyn already exists some years. I see no change in the supported synths compared to about a year ago (as far as I checked back then against my own hardware).
    So what is different now about Edisyn?

    • What is worth this news? Well, first I didn’t cover Edisyn on my website. Second Edisyn was so far in the beta phase but now it’s out of the beta.

    • I’m Edisyn’s author. Didn’t know about this article until now: but since you asked, Edisyn has had quite a number of new features (check out the morpher!) and many new editors since a year ago. Just in the last few months it added support for the Venom, Kyra, Rocket, Novation SL series, Casio CZ-230S, and a few more.

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