Momo Editor For The ACB-Powered Roland TR-6S Drum Machine

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Momo now has a software editor (standalone & VST/AU) for the compact, powerful Roland TR-6S drum machine that gives remote control over many parameters. 

Although everyone prefers to work with hardware rather than software, editors are more popular than ever. Especially when it comes to integration into the DAW. Here editors are practical software tools that simplify the workflow. Often also useful to get an overview of the entire engine of the instrument. One of the developers who offer plenty of editors is Momo Müller.

In the past few years, he has published many inexpensive editors for hardware synthesizers and drum machines. Today he released one for Roland’s new drum machine, the TR-6S. So the little sister of the TR-8S with 6 six tracks featuring the ACB based TR-808, TR-909… emulations, custom sample support, and the latest FM sound engine.

Momo Roland TR-6S Editor

Momo Roland TR-6S Editor

Roland did not make it so easy for Momo Müller with his release. The editor does not give access to this entire engine, which is a shame. For example, the ACB drum models, the sample, or FM engine cannot be selected in the editor. However, the individual kits can be switched that contain the entire sounds. The editor gives you access to many settings but not all. It includes the tuning, decay, the control parameter, and the level of each sound. Plus it exposes the controls for accent, reverb, delay settings, and master FX.

On the pattern side, you have the shuffle and the ability to change the pattern via the pattern select knob. As in every Momo editor, there is also an X and Y pad on which two parameters can be mapped. Very practical for quick parameter changes. You can also save the settings right in the DAW with the project. Not to forget: all available parameters of the editor can be automated in the DAW.

Momo Roland TR-6S editor is available now for 6.90€. It runs as a VST & AU (32-/64-bit) plugin and a standalone app on Windows & macOS.

More information here: Momo Müller

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