kNoB technology AGNI, 2HP VCA With Built-In Wavefolder & Feedback Distortion

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kNoB technology AGNI is a VCA all-in-one solution for crunchy, distorted sounds thanks to its built-in wavefolder, and distortion with feedback circuitry. 

Delays and reverbs are favorites among synthesizer players. For me, a good distortion counts in every good setup too. Also in Eurorack. The reason is simple: they give every sound a lot of warmth, rich harmonics, and character.  You can create powerful timbres from simple sounds in seconds.

KNoB technology from Russia has presented AGNI, a multi-function module that can musically destroy sounds, but only in 2HP. Very space saving

knob technology agni

kNoB technology AGNI

AGNI is primarily a discrete VCA, but at second glance it turns out to be an interesting effect. It offers a diode-based wavefolder as well as a distortion unit that are in the same signal chain.

From the input, the signal goes into the wavefolder from there into the distortion, and then the signal is filtered by a passive filter (you can cut high or low frequencies). The last stage is an output amplifier. AGNI also has a feedback block that provides an output signal to the input of the device with which you can overdrive and create bizarre feedback effects.

According to the developer, the module has the ability to modulate one signal with another in the full audio range.

At first glance an interesting module with which you can heat up any sound in the modular system. It’s nice that it takes up very little space in your system with just 2HP.

kNoB technology AGNI is available now for 139€. For order please write to says the developer on Modulargrid.

More information here: kNob technology

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