Turn2on WTFM Synthesizer Rack Extension, A Marriage Of Wavetable & FM Synthesis

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Turn2on WTFM is a new Synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason that marries richly-sounding wavetables with classic FM synthesis.

Reason Studios took a brave move this week. In addition to the option to buy Reason, they now also offer it as a subscription for $20 per month. Apart from this, they discontinued the lovely Intro and Suite versions from the market. The Intro offered a lot for the asking price including the rack plugin and numerous synths such as Europa and Thor. Too bad. If you still want the rack plugin for your DAW without rending, just visit the dealers like Thomann, etc, they have them still on stock.

There is an interesting new Synthesizer rack extension for the Rack plugin and Reason. Turn2On WTFM is a new hybrid Synthesizer that uses the flexibility of wavetables in combination with FM Synthesizer operators. So away from simple sines to complex wavetables as operator waveform.

Turn2On WTFM

Turn2on WTFM

Turn2on has turned the concept of an FM synthesizer on its head for WTFM. Instead of classic waveforms, WTFM uses a variety of wavetables as operator waveforms. So the flexibility of wavetables that we love all embedded in a 4-OP FM Synthesizer architecture. Each operator is equipped with an AHDSR envelope with controls for amount, LFO, velocity, and more. It also has 24 different algorithms to choose from. It becomes more complex in the FM synthesis itself.

The engine features 5 different synthesis modes: traditional wavetable, classic 4-OP FM, FM WT mod, ringmod, and filter mod. The modes remind me a bit of the Korg OPSIX that has also different modes to discover.

Then, you have pre and post-filters with classic LP/HP/BP modes. FM and filter go well together as the Korg OPSIX has already shown us. To refine the sounds, it has 6 different effect processors including a vocoder, EQ band, chorus, delay, and reverb. There is also a limiter with which you can add total control for the signals and colors. On the modulation side, you have a modulation matrix, four LFOs, and four AHDSR envelopes for the filter, tune, and more.

Turn2on WTFM

Modular Benefits

The Rack Extension also benefits from the Reason modularity. On the back, there are many virtual audio and CV connections for parameter modulations. This feature remains a big strength of Reason. Everything is patchable with which you can achieve very complex routings and sounds.

A very interesting Synthesizer that Turn2on has developed. It takes FM synthesis in new sonic territories. Unfortunately, it’s a shame that Reason Studios has discontinued the Intro version with which users can buy the rack plug-in inexpensively and thus also try out rack extensions in their DAW.

Turn2On WTFM is available now for an introductory price of 60€ instead of 88€ as a Rack Extension. Like all other third-party Rack Extension, you can try it for 30 days for free.

More information here: Reason Studio Shop

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