TouellSkouarn Strakal Silisiom, Dual Morphing Fuzz Module For Nasty Sounds

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With Strakal Silisiom, TouellSkouarn from Brittany intros a dual morphing fuzz module for screaming, nasty sonic experiments. 

TouellSkouarn from Brittany is a module manufacturer who likes to play with the sound design devil. Many of his modules are based on distortion, feedbacks, overdrive, fuzz, etc. Everything that brings distortion and aggressive timbres in your modular system. Effects that are less often found in Eurorack.

Funny because they bring a lot of character and soul into sounds. In his designs, he shows that distortion/overdrive is not reserved for guitarists only. His new module continues this unique design language.

TouellSkouarn Strakal Silisiom

TouellSkouarn Strakal Silisiom

Strakal Silision (Stupid Breton name) is a dual morphing fuzz module that uses silicon transistors. It has two fuzz onboard that shares the controls but are slightly different. Then, it has a built-in EQ that can cut the low and high frequencies. With the help of the big center knob, you can smoothly morph between the two fuzzes. Fuzz1 clockwise or Fuzz2 counter clockwise, or a mix of the 2 fuzzes by turning the morphing pot or via CV.

For additional craziness, it features a CV-controllable feedback circuit that is coupled with the fuzz. The more fuzz, the more feedback. Thanks to the CV control over the morphing and feedback, you can bring movement in your fuzz-scapes.

Further, it has a mono input but outputs in mono (morphing signal) or in stereo via stereo cable. At first look, Strakal Silisiom is a beautiful module for screeching, fuzz sounds. From gentle sound warm-ups to crazy screaming, it’s very flexible to use. If you like dirty sounds, TouellSkouarn is the right place for you.

TouellSkouarn Strakal Silisiom is available now for 265€.

More information here: TouellSkouarn 

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  1. “Strakal Silision (Stupid Breton n is a dual morphing fuzz module that uses silicon transistors.”

    You might want to rephrase that if you do not really intend to insult a whole nation (and the manufacturer).

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