Super Synthesis PHRSR, Two-Channel Step Sequencing Knob Recorder

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Super Synthesis PHRSR is a new two-channel step sequencing knob recorder with which you can put up to two parameters via CV in motion. 

Motion recorder, as Korg calls its knob recorder in its sequencer, is an extremely flexible modulation option for parameters. Start a sequence and record up to six parameters (OPSIX…). This makes each sequence more complex, interesting and varied.

The Eurorack manufacturer Super Synthesis is now bringing its take on this function into the Eurorack format in the form of a simple module called PHRSR.

Super Synthesis PHRSR

Super Synthesis PHRSR

PHRSR aka phaser is a two-channel step knob recorder and sequencer that records knob movements into a 1-16 step sequence. The module has two channels so you can record two different parameters in the actual sequence.

Press the record knob and turn the DC knob at the same time to write the value of the parameter into the sequence. When this is done, the module repeats the sequence until you record a new one. With the rec und steps buttons, you can overwrite the sequence very quickly. PHRSR has an internal clock with a dedicated output that ensures the tempo of the sequence. With the rate knob, you can adjust the internal clock rate. Check out the video below, to get a deeper look at the module.

At first glance a simple but very versatile module. If you want to move parameters in a different way, you’ve come to the right place.

Super Synthesis PHRSR is available now for $75 USD.

More information here: Super Synthesis 

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