Mok Filtryg, A Dual Multimode Filter Plugin Made For Rhythmic Modulations

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AlMOK Filtryg, a dual multimode filter from the Waverazor Synthesizer developers, designed for creative filtering and track animations.

One of the most innovative synthesizer plugins in recent years is definitely the Waverazor from MOK. The ability to cut waveforms into individual parts, and deform and manipulate each of them individually makes this plugin super unique. The developers are no newcomers at all. Taiho Yamada and Rob Rampley run the company.

Two developers who are already known from the hardware world. Among other things, they developed the Alesis Andromeda or the M-Audio Venom Synthesizer. My interview with them gives you an insight into their work. Now MOK is back with an exciting filter plugin. Filtryg is MOK’s take on a dual filter effect plugin that adds new layers of rhythmic and timbral expressiveness to your tracks.

MOK Filtryg

MOK Filtryg

Filtryg features three time-honored filter types. A 12 dB state variable filter running in series or parallel, alongside your choice of either 24 dB Ladder, or one of the multiple modes of biquad filter. Each providing their own distinct personality and character. The state variable filter is continuously morph-able from lowpass to highpass with either bandpass or notch in-between, while the ladder and biquad feed a drive control for extra punch and crunch on the output. Thanks to audio rate filter FM, the plugin is capable of creating crazy, unusual harmonic-rich effects.

The plugin is supported by several modulators that allow you to put the filters in motion. The integrated Envelope Follower, audio range LFOs, and MIDI Keyboard Tracking, all react seamlessly to both your playing and your source audio, making for an inspired filter effect that fully integrates with your performance.

Waverazor not only attracted attention because of its innovative feature set but also because of its futuristic interface design. Filters also benefit from a straightforward knob-based control interface. The audio path, modulation routes, and their respective controls are all plainly visible and understandable from the front panel, enabling intuitive and speedy effect programming. At first look, a worthwhile filter plugin. A bit of a shame that there is no sequencer on board with which you can make even more complex modulations


  • Dual filter configuration in Series, Parallel, or Mixed combination for flexible timbral shaping
  • 12 dB State Variable Filter (LP, HP, BP, N), 24 dB Ladder Filter (LP, HP), and multiple Biquad Filter choices, each with distinct personality and character
  • Morph knob morphs between State Variable Filter modes for dynamic filter variation
  • Drive knob adds distortion to the Filter 2 output stage.
  • Audio rate Filter FM enables unusual harmonic generation capabilities
  • Keytrack modulation for controlling the effect via keyboard performance
  • True Envelope Follower for direct interaction with the input audio and creating sidechain pumping effects
  • Tempo synchronized LFOs and threshold triggered Envelopes enable intricate rhythmic modulations
  • Customize your color themes and language settings
  • Compatible with AAX, AU, and VST on Mac, PC and Linux.

MOK Filtryg is available now for an introductory price of $34 USD (regular $49 USD) and runs as a VST, AU, AAX plugin for Windows, Mac and Linux.

More information here: MOK

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