Make Noise Strega, Complex Synthesizer With A Lot Of Alessandro Cortini Witchcraft

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Make Noise Strega, a new compact, experimental Synthesizer made in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini puts the oscillator and delay in a close relationship. 

The 0-Coast, a small west-coast inspired Synthesizer, has quickly become a favorite of many musicians. The 0-Coast now has a brother/sister in the same shape.

Strega, Italian for a witch, is a small complex synth that is fully analog and made in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini. More precisely, the design has the mission to reflect what AC stands for in terms of design, sound, and music. It’s like a tribute to its music personality.

Make Noise Strega pic

Make Noise Strega

Since Make Noise does not have any information online yet about it, the information is not complete. These come straight from the SonicState video. According to this, it has a single oscillator with PWM, (waveform blend), wavefolder, and other shapers. Then it has a looping envelope, a random modulator, and a delay with a built-in filter in the feedback loop. Alessandro described in the video stream as a Karaoke style delay which maybe points to a vintage BBD delay. It’s analog and has a clock-modulation with which you can change the quality of it. From rather clean to very noisy, characterful delayscapes.

Pretty interesting is here the random source which works similarly to Buchla’s source of uncertainty. It generates pulses and pauses in a random amount and spaces and these are applied to parameters. Plus, you can route external audio sources into the Strega and create very unique effects with the modulations.

Make Noise Strega

It gets very interesting in the modulations. In addition to the ones mentioned, Strega has two different types of touch plates. The square touch plates are destinations and the rounds are designed for modulations. According to Alessandro, they are more immediate than classic modulation tools and made for sonic interactions.

You can check out the official video tomorrow.

All information will follow when it becomes available. At first glance, it is a very interesting, compact synthesizer that I like very much in terms of sound. I think it’s perfect for building drones, etc. Reminds me a bit of the concept of the Lyra-8 only in small and from Make Noise.

Make Noise Strega will be available in February for $599 USD.

More information here: Make Noise 

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