iceGear Now Makes Inspiring AUv3 Effects: Koshiba Gate Sequencer & Yukawa Multi-Tap Delay

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Koshiba & Yukawa are the first two inspiring AUv3 effects for iOS from IceGear from Japan, a developer who attracted attention through unique Synthesizers. 

I’m a big fan of the AUv3 Synthesizer from the Japanese developer IceGear. All very unique, rich in harmonics, and often in conjunction with one or more resonators. Satoshi Taneda aka iceGear is now making effect AUv3 for iOS with his very intriguing development approach. The first apps came out in the last third of the last year, at the time where there were hundreds of new products.

Sorry, I overslept the releases, hope, however, that I can still draw some attention to both apps or just remind existing iOS musicians to use it again.

Icegear Koshiba Yukawa

iceGear Koshiba

Let start with Koshiba, a 16-step gate sequencer AUv3 plugin for iOS. It’s an effect that can transform a sustained sound into a rhythmic phrase. A classic, flat pad sound becomes a rhythmic sonic adventure. Each step of the gate is synchronized to the beat of the DAW or host application. Each has a different volume, pan, filter, LFO, and envelope parameters. Then, the steps can be tied together to create longer gates which is also very useful for more versatile sound design tasks.

Koshiba also hosts a filtered delay that allows you to use the app not only as a rhythmical gate sequencer but also as a delay processor. Also here, you have a different amount of FX sends for each. The app supports all known audio and MIDI connection technologies you know on iOS: AUv3, Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, CoreMIDI, Ableton Link… Looks like a very inspiring and helpful app to bring rhythm to any sound.

iceGear Yukawa

Yukawa is versatile AUv3 tempo-synced multi-tap delay for iOS. The app is powered by a multi-tap delay, independent stereo delay, a DJ mixer style filter and a intuitve routing system. The first has 16 programable delay taps, volume, pan, cutoff and resonance as well as an independent filter for each tap. A stereo delay is syncronizable and is either a simple one or can operate in ping-pong mode for additional movement.

Further, you can apply modulation to it for chorus-like sounds or use negative feedback for more dirty timbres. Yukawa also features a DJ mixer style filter with morphable lowpass to highpass with a single knob. Great to create seamless filter sweeps in the effects. The cutoff frequency is modulatable and you can also overdrive it to create a distorted filter sound.

All these features are programable in an intuitive routing system where you can set the destinations and the amount sent to the signals. This gives you a lot of flexibility how you set up the signal path. Yukawa looks like another big sound design hit from iceGear.

iceGear Koshiba and Yukawa are available now on the Apple AppStore for $7.99 USD. Both apps are universal (iPhone/iPad) and supports AUv3.

More information here: iceGear

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