ArpBud 2 Arpeggiator & ChordBud 2 MIDI Sequencer, Two Melodic AUv3 Helpers For iOS

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ArpBud 2 arpeggiator & ChordBud 2 MIDI sequencer are two powerful, flexible AUv3 MIDI processors for iOS (iPhone/iPad) by Cem Olcay. 

Cem Olcay, known for his clever MIDI helpers, recently added two more to his app catalog. These apps also came out last year but forgot to report.

The new apps are ArpBud 2, a new powerful AUV3 MIDI arpeggiator, and ChordBud 2, a helpful MIDI sequencer with built-in scale-chord matching functionality.

ArpBud 2 ChordBud 2

ArpBud 2

ArpBud 2 is a flexible MIDI arpeggiator AUv3 app for iOS. The app is, however, not a basic arpeggiator. It allows you to design your own unique, unlimited arp patterns with unlimited numbers of steps. For each step, you can set the note interval, velocity, octave, ratchet, gate, and probability. Also, you can set different note ranges and swing values for each pattern. You can also change playing patterns with MIDI CC messages.

At first look, a powerful arpeggiator for iOS. I find it nice that you have the step sequencer flexibility now in an arpeggiator.

ChordBud 2

ChordBud 2 is an AUv3 MIDI chord sequencer that is capable of creating unique chord progressions very quickly. It’s a powerful composition tool that lets you juggle in the scale with melodies. The engine uses more than 40+ scales and thus offers you automatically the right chords for the chosen scale. You can set different keys, scales, and chord progressions for each pattern. Plus, you can either compare the scales or borrow chords (modal interchange) from each other! Patterns are triggerable with the MIDI CC messages which very helpful.

At first glance, an extremely customizable MIDI sequencer for iOS. Also to know is that its core components are freely available on Github.

Both apps work in standalone mode, IAA (Inter-App Audio) mode, AudioBus, with Ableton Link as well as an AUv3 plugin.

ArpBud2 and ChordBud 2 are available now on the Apple AppStore for $4.99 USD each.

More information here: KeyBudApp

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