Teia Synthesizers OptoCore, New Vactrol-Based Eurorack VCF & VCA Combo

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Teia Synthesizers OptoCore is a new Eurorack VC filter and VC amplifier module, both of which are located on the softer side thanks to the Vactrol-based design.

There are many filters and VCA modules on the free market. From Ladder, Oberheim, gentle, snappy, etc., there is the right filter for everyone. The same applies to VCAs. For musicians who love a smoother sound, I can only recommend Vactrol-based modules. They offer a significantly softer and round sound compared to classic modules. Teia Synthesizers from Portugal now released a new VCF/VCA that brings these characteristics in a new Eurorack module. a

OptoCore combines a 12dB multimode filter and voltage-controlled amplifier, both based on vactrols. According to the developer, it’s an original circuit design that is inspired by the singular nature of vactrols and their fluid and natural character.

Teia Synthesizers Optocore

Teia Instruments OptoCore

OptoCore features three filter types including lowpass, bandpass, and highpass selectable with a toggle switch. In addition, there is a resonance knob with a voltage controllable input right under the cutoff frequency control. Plus, you have a feedback circuit that interacts with the resonance path that makes a wide range of sounds possible. Creamy resonances or crazy self-oscillation timbres by cranking up the feedback knob.

Filter and VCA run in parallel, both are fully controllable with the freq/amp knob and associated voltage-control input. Alternatively, you can touch control the filter/amp via the 3 lines on the front panel. That’s exciting. Also, you can crossfade both features (filter/amp) with the help of a knob. This opens up a lot of new options. The filter frequency control can be inverted by the Inv Freq switch, providing the possibility to change the filter direction. With this, you can close the filter while the VCA is open or the other way around.

Vactrol Filtering

The highlight of every vactrol-based module is its unique soft sound. That is also possible with OptoCore, especially with the ping input. It allows generating the well known smooth filter percussive sounds (low kick drums, high pitch bongos…) you expect from this kind of filters/amps. Further, you have a drive knob that adds character to the filter. They range from soft textural clipping to heavy distortion. All voltage-controlled inputs have an attenuator-inverter knob.

All in all a very exciting VCF / VCA combo. Especially since it is based on Vactrols with which you can directly achieve other timbres.

Teia Synthesizers OptoCore is available now for 220€ from the Reverb store or official website.

More information here: Teia Synthesizers

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