Arturia V Collection 8, Vintage Synth Collection Adds 4 New Plugins, Updates & More

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Arturia V Collection 8 is a big update of its vintage synth collection featuring 4 new plugins (OB-Xa, Vocoder V, Emulator II V, Jun-6V), updates & more.

If you are interested in vintage synthesizers, but you don’t have the money to finance them, you have to work with plugins. There are many emulations of legendary synths on the market. One of the most popular is the V Collection, which was updated today.

The V Collection 8 has a total of 28 plugins ranging from vom vintage Synthesizer recreations, samplers, e-pianos, pianos, organ, and more. Four plugins have been added to the bundle: OB-Xa, Vocoder V, Emulator II V, and JUN-6V. In addition, there are big updates for the Jupiter 8 & Stage-73 emulations, and a brand new Analog Lab V. On top, it features many new sounds, a new preset manager, and more.

Arturia V Collection 8

V Collection 8 boasts some of the biggest upgrades to the series since it was first released; the instant polyphonic richness of Jun-6 V, the irresistible sampling charm of Emulator II V, the classic voice-sculpting formula of Vocoder V, and the larger-than-life analog power of OB-Xa V.

Arturia V Collection 8

Arturia V Collection 8

The JUN-6V is an emulation of the legendary Roland Juno 60 analog poly Synthesizer. Please not compare it with the Roland Juno 106 emulations. The Juno 60 had a fatter, characterful sound than the 106. The JUN-6V emulates this classic and offers numerous extra features such as more modulation, effects, etc.

Emulator II V recreates the familiar sound of the Emu Emulator II hardware sampler by Dave Rossum. It captures this iconic sound and puts it in a new 8-layer sampler plugin supercharged with new features. Original Emulator II sounds cannot be imported, unfortunately, but you can import samples yourself.

More Classics

Besides these, there are two other plugins. The OB-Xa and the Vocoder V. The OB-Xa V is an emulation of the legendary Oberheim OB-Xa analog synthesizer. Some are currently waiting for the UB-Xa from Behringer. If you can’t wait, you can take a look at this emulation, which has also been upgraded with numerous features. OB-Xa V

Arturia V Collection 8

One of the most exciting new synthesizers in the V-Collection is the Vocoder V. This emulates the well-known Moog Vocoder. Not as an effect plug-in but in the form of a virtual instrument. This can be played either with the help of the built-in Synthesizer with your voice or via the sampler. You can conveniently load your own samples into these and play them sequentially.

Thanks to its patchable interfaces, classic vocoders but also wild filtering sounds are possible. Super exciting in combination with drum loops.


Not only are there four completely new plugins, but there are also major updates for older ones. The JUP-8V (Roland Jupiter 8 emulation) has got a new engine, new features but also a new interface. Sounds even fatter and more authentic in my opinion. The Stage 73V electric piano has also been sonically upgraded. The popular multi-layer preset machine Analog Lab has also been updated. Now called Analog Lab V, it has been redesigned and has even more vintage sounds.

There are also many new presets for all plugins, a new sound browser that is more intuitive and easier to use, macros, and new in-app tutorials.  NKS compatibility is currently unavailable for Analog Lab V, Vocoder V, Emulator II V, Jun-6 V, Jup-8 V4, and Stage-73 V2. A shame. There is also no info about Apple M1 compatibility.

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Arturia V Collection 8 is available now for $599 USD. Please visit your user account for upgrade prices.

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  1. Looks very interesting a good selection of synths in this update look forward to trying the Demo versions out 🙂 Nice video as always Tom

  2. That Emulator II looks pretty cool! And another Oberheim! I’m so far behind with all these V Collection updates. Damn, this is a great collection of emulations. Now they just need a Polivoks V. Wink wink, nudge nudge, Arturia.

  3. I’d love to win this, I’ve always wanted to own a software version of the Emulator II and now Arturia has finally released their version which you can add your own samples to it!! AWESOME!!

  4. I used to have a Juno 60 and miss it! I’m hoping to get V Collection 8 sometime 🙂 Seems very good value so far compared to the Roland Cloud, but looking forward to more comparisons online.

  5. Just bought the Arturia FX Collection on Black Friday.
    And as a fan of the Pet Shop Boys, the Emulator II is what I need!
    It seems that Arturia did it again! Danke! 😉

  6. Thanks for your review – it was great to hear the new additions to the collection. The Vocoder V and Emulator II V sound fantastic. Winning this would be a great start to 2021. I’ve tried to post my comment three times, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. Hope this one does. Good luck, take care and stay safe, everyone.

  7. Ok, now my body is officially ready to try the V Collection. Having had some opportunities to mess with Arturia’s effects, I can def agree that their emulations are amazing. The vocoder adds to it of course. Who doesn’t need another vocoder? I already got like 4 in the hardware collection, why not have a software one.

  8. Emulator II? – a big part of the greatness of the Emulator series was their great library.
    Did Arturia get some of those great Sounds for the plugin?

  9. Best collection of easy to use, low CPU plugins compared to others.
    No nagging in app purchase ads either, unlike some. Oh, and an excellent, timely review.

  10. Hi Tom
    I like the vocoder best.The Juno and Jupiter will be fine too. You made a very good demostration with the eyes of the esential.Go on so?. If i win a license i’l be a lucky man. Greetings from Germany to Viena.

  11. Great to see the addition of the Juno-6 and Emulator. Hoping someday they will add the Arp Quadra, but for now LOVE whats there!!!

  12. Some interesting add ons. Is anyone definitely making the jump from the V7 collection or waiting it out a bit longer?

  13. What a fantastic upgrade. Thanks for bringing us the video and keeping us connected as to the updates! The JUP8-V sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to try it!

  14. Wahou ! Hope to get my hands soon on the new version of Stage 73, but also on the others, this collection is amazing ! Fingers crossed to win a license, thanks Synthanatomy !

  15. Awesome that the next exiting instalment of classic synths and pianos are out now, just in time for Christmas. Look forward to playing around with the Rhodes and emulator. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize! Cheers.

  16. Great article and Video on this. It is great to see Arturia adding new VSTs to the collection. Though it is still a bit rich for me!

  17. That Jupiter update looks pretty sharp and the Juno emulation came just in time to compete with Cherry Audio’s one!

  18. i use the arturia since the v coolection 5and they are doing a good job. but to me the microfreack is the best arturia product ever….at least to my ears. ad fot its incredibile price, everyone should have one!

  19. Arturia V Collection proves a point that there is no mundane need to acquire whole bunch of vintage synths. All you need is V Collection!

  20. Not likely to win, but even less likely without leaving a comment. I was intending to wait for the next sales and consider it then as I’ve been keen on the V collection for some time. At full price it is unfortunately outside my budget at the moment.

  21. I always thought that nothing would ever top the Native Instruments selectiion of VIs but then i found out about Arturia!, these guys repeatedly blow my mind with the authenticity of their plug ins, im particularly taken by the Vocoder as ive always wanted to have a go at creating a vocoded lead vocal

    Thanks Arturia , keep it coming!

  22. Really diggin’ what Arturia has been doing with their plugins, Here’s hoping It’s my lucky day with this giveaway!

  23. With every black friday or other sales, I’m tempted to buy the Collection. But, in my subjectif opinion the sound quality differs in the different synths until this version. I heard, they worked a lot on the sound of the rhodes and the adding of an Emu II is very nice. I will try that…and we will see 😉 In every case, the package and the the possibilities are impressif!

    • Thanks for the sound demos.
      I’m absolutely not touched by the Juno’s. They are there, but no “mojo”, no inspiration.
      The vocoder seems indeed very nice. Your sound examples are impressives. Well done.
      Also, the Emu II seems realy usable. Nice sound and flexibility. And it’s recognisable the Emu! Good job by Arturia.
      The Rhodes… is better than before. But, there are better alternatives.
      So, thanks for this impressions. Yes, now i’m interessed in the Collection 🙂

  24. Definitely love it everytime they add new synths to the collection. And the new designs look visually appealing as well.

  25. Very exciting update. Nice to see them tackling the Emulator II and the Moog Vocoder. I’d love for them to emulate the Acxel Resynthesizer. The resynthesis in that one is so quirky and unique. There are not a lot of them out there and it would be a shame if that sound was lost forever.

  26. I’m actually the most excited about the Jupiter 8 update, it sounds so much better. I have been waiting for Behringer or some other company to remake the Jupiter 8 and nail the sound, but a lot of these newer models sound kind of lifeless. I think the new GUI looks good as well, at first I thought it was Roland’s version haha.

    I believe you said the Vocoder was your favorite instrument in the V collection 8 in the video. I have been looking at vocoder videos for a while now, and I think they’re just no my style. I had been listening to vocoder demos and talkbox demos late last year, as I didn’t know much about them, and I think I like the talkbox better. If Arturia could make a talkbox plugin that would be awesome too. Everybody be safe and survive til the year is over. GOD bless.

  27. Some interesting new plugins.

    Like the idea of being able to load some of my old Emulator samples in a virtual instrument.

  28. I love their Effect-Plugins like the plate reverb and the tape delay and I would really love to get my hands on this synth collection 🙂

  29. SUPER SUPER PUMPED for the Stage 73 update actually…I’d love for Arturia to continue to bring those older instruments to the jaw dropping quality of their new ones!

  30. Thanks for the review. Package looks and sounds amazing. Arturia are just doing amazing work these days. Huge respect.

  31. Great update. The Latest Arturia products are very impressive. If Arturia and UVI will keep going I’ll consider France as a world center of plugin development 🙂

  32. Original eii sample disk can be imported!
    Open your eyes 🙂
    But just the samples, there is no way for the instruments now.

  33. I was waiting for a decent Juno 60 emulation and finally, someone did it. Thank you for a chance, it’s a bit pricey but definitely worth it.

  34. This looks awesome, im about to buy a arturia keyboard and this would be a great supplement. Thanks for the opportunity

  35. This latest V Collection is amazing… The new synths are welcomed (how can you say no to the simple but so deep Juno 60 & OB-Xa, the Vocoder, the Emulator II sound treatment or the big update of the Jupiter-8?) and the most exciting thing with Arturia is the fact it’s not (interesting) enough for them to emulate those machines: they always add new & optional features on them, which extend their potential in so many ways… Vive la France 🙂

  36. I would love to try this pack out! I’ve never had enough money to purchase it so it would be awesome to win it in the giveaway. Great preview, by the way!

  37. I’ve been hoping to get the V collection bundle series since Arturia v collection 5 was released. It got better every time a new version came out! now the V collection 8 finally came out and it looks awesome! I can’t wait to get this one!

  38. Looking forward to add it to my studio tools! Cheers for the initiative Synth Anatomy, merry christmas and stay safe

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