SquareAcid, A Growling TB-303-Style Bassline Synthesizer App For iOS

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SquareAcid is a snappy and growling TB-303 Style Bassline Synthesizer for iOS with AUv3 support from the maker of SquareSynth 2 app. 

Next iOS app, next new Synthesizer. James Navarro is probably known to a few people. However, everyone who is an iPad musician and likes to experiment with music apps from the 8-bit area may have one of his apps installed. Among other things, James has developed the SquareSynth 2, an 8-bit AUv3 Synthesizer that emulates the classic sounds of the NES Console or Commodore 64.

Now he is back with another music app. SquareAcid is a TB-303 bassline-style Synthesizer app for iPhone and iPad. The developer says that is not an emulation/simulation of the iconic Roland Synthesizer but an hommage.



The app shares the same functionalities as the original TB-303 but sounds differently. It’s a completely different beast as the developer says. It has one oscillator with two oscillators (saw, pulse) including width and PWM controls. Next, you have a growling lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance controls. Then, you can also tweak an internal filter envelope with accent and decay. At the end of the signal chain, it includes a gain control and a distortion unit to add a dirty character to your sound. SquareAcid can nicely grow and barks with resonance turned up high. It is a

Like the classic TB-303, the Synth Engine can either be triggered manually or using the built-in sequencer. The app runs as a standalone app with Ableton Link or AUv3 plugin. For all AUv3 refusers (I don’t know any), there is Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (IAA) support. At first look, a very characterful-sounding bassline Synthesizer for iOS.

SquareAcid is available now for $6.99 USD for iPhone/iPad on the AppleStore

More information here: James Navarro

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