Waves V12 Adds Resizable GUIs… & With The Update Price Comes The Nasty Surprise

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Waves Audio releases V12, an update for their plugins that offers resizable GUIs, new preset browser, additional plugins…but all for a questionable price.

Waves Audio has introduced Waves V12, an update to its collection of virtual instruments and audio effect plugins. This update contains new plugins, new features, and major improvements for existing plugins.

Right below the picture, I’ll give you more detailed information about the V12 update.

Waves V12 Update

New In Waves V12

First, you have to know that the new Waves V12 is not a free update. But that was clear, Waves doesn’t give anyone anything. You will find out later why I question this business model. But now to the news. Users of the new V12 can look forward to resizable GUIs in 5 sizes as well as sharper graphics thanks to retina support. This is a welcome enhancement for the Waves plugins. Customers with a Mac-based music production setup can now benefit from better CPU performances. According to the company, the plugins now work better under the macOS operating system and use significantly less CPU power.

Another highlight of V12 is an improved preset browser that allows you to find and audition presets instantly. You can now find the perfect preset for your tracks more easily than ever, says Waves. No need to browse manually through preset menus and sub-menus, you can now search presets by text, filter them by name, and quickly audition different presets on the fly while playing your track.

Platinum, Horizon, and Horizon owners get additional plugins including LoAir, Smack Attack, and Submarine. Also new is the access to a new series of Waves Premium Masterclasses. At first glance, there are many good improvements in the new version. However, many have lost the desire to update to the new version when looking at the updated price, pretty sure. If you have numerous Waves plugins that you either bought or got for free, the price adds up to a crazy $240.

Waves V12 Update

Why It’s Time For A Business Model Change!

Yes, read it right here. Waves charges up to $240 dollars for a new preset browser, new scalable GUIs, and some new plugins for people with bundles. I think and many out there that this is way too much. Not to forget, in a year you have to pay again to be up to date. If you work with Waves plugins and you take part in the WUP (Waves Update Plan) you are in an endless payment loop. Sure they will give you new plugins, but if you look at the real value of these (based on the daily sale madness), the whole package may be worth $100.

The excessive WUP price is one of the reasons why my interest in Waves plugins is constantly decreasing. Other manufacturers like Plugin Alliance, U-he, etc. publish free updates, especially when it comes to improvements to the GUI, preset browser, and performance. Honestly, the business model serves customers to pull the money out of their wallets like a dairy cow. The plugins can be high-quality, used by celebrity X, and maybe take your tracks to the next level. With such an update price policy and constant unrealistic sales, you don’t tie customers Waves, you piss them off. Especially where the market consists mainly of hobby & semi-professional musicians who do not have the money to constantly make cost-related plugin updates.

If I Were The CEO Of Waves Audio

Certainly, musicians can still use the plugins under V10 or V11, but you also want to keep up with the times and use well-maintained software. I am not alone in having this opinion. There is a lot of discussion about this on the KVR Audio forum. So that Waves doesn’t get into trouble, after all, the company has to rethink its approach to become attractive again. That is not possible with super low product prices. A year later comes the nasty surprise with the mighty WUP.

There are two options: either completely on subscription (bundle with all Waves plugins for around $25 per month à la Plugin Alliance) or higher plugin prices, fewer sales, and no WUP. The higher prices could compensate for this. They already offer a very uncompetitive subscription model, especially compared to the bundles from Plugin Alliance or Slate Digital. Dear Waves Audio, re-think your business model and listen to your community. I’ve already done one thing: I no longer report on Waves Sales because they are omnipresent.

The Waves V12 is only available for users with a Waves Update Plan (WUP).  It comes free for one year with every new plugin/bundle, and is renewable at any time afterward.

More information here: Waves Audio (partner link)

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