Mutable Instruments Veils (2020), Classic Quad VCA Module Got A Makeover

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Mutable Instruments Veils, best-selling Quad VCA module got a 2020 makeover with a smaller footprint (10HP) and improved interface.

VCAs are like oscillators in the Eurorack system, you can’t get enough. They are not only there to control the volume of your system but also extremely flexible modulation sources. One of the VCA classics is the Mutable Instrument Veils that shares four VCAs with an adjustable response curve and offset control. The module has been inspiring modular musicians since 2016 and that shouldn’t change over the next years.

After four years on the market, Émilie Gillet of Mutable Instruments has now given its best-selling Quad VCA module Veils a 2020 makeover that many will like, pretty sure.

Mutable Instruments Veils 2020

An Updated VCA Classic

Veils remains a Veils module in the 2020 version. It comes again with four VCAs, each with a tweakable response curve and offset control. The handy mixer function where the outputs are daisy-chained is also prominently represented again. It allows you to make mixing groups of 2, 3, or of all 4 channels.

However, the 2020 version does everything new on the interface. This has now a more sleeker footprint (10HP), and features a cleaner design, in my opinion. We welcome new sliders that replace the knobs of the main gain/CV control and new gain indicator LEDs. I like sliders on modules and would like more of then. A big like for this upgrade. Further, Veil 2020 is equipped with a positive offset control (0 to 8V) for direct use of bipolar modulation sources. All inputs are DC-coupled and handle audio-rate signals.

More Than A Quad VCA

Otherwise, everything stays the same in the Veils (2020) which is also good because it is a super handy Quad VCA module that can do a lot besides classic amplitude shaping. Among other things, it can animate a mixture of several oscillators, attenuate signals, mix them, and more.

Big New Module On The Way, Cloud Successor?

Émilie also announced the module on Instagram. The sentence used in this posting gives us the hint that something bigger is coming soon:

“a small(er) release, to make room for the large(r) releases. 10-HP, sliders with dB-scale gain indicator LED, offset control. Available today.”
At the moment, I cannot say whether this is the successor to the Clouds module. There is a separate article on this subject.

Mutable Instruments Veils is available now for 179€ worldwide.

More information here: Mutable Instruments 

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