Strymon NightSky Leak, New Reverb With A Built-In Sequencer?

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Strymon ‘s new NightSky pedal has leaked and yes it’s a new stereo reverb with an interesting feature including a possible built-in sequencer 

Strymon has been teasing his new pedal for a few days, and a shop from Europe is screwing up this fun with a leak this evening. The new pedal is a reverb and listens to the name NightSky. The shop has not leaked any more details about the pedal, only photos on which you can see the device and the controls

Theses include with voice with intervals, shimmer/drive, filter section with a high cut, and mix with reverb & dry controls. According to the leak, it has left & right inputs and outputs, so a stereo reverb, plus an inst/line level input selector on the rear panel. Also, it comes with MIDI in/out and a USB connection.

Strymon Nightsky

Sequenced Reverb?

The interesting part is the three footswitches which are labeled on/sequence step/hold (morph), favourite (sequence tap), and infinite/hold (sequence). These are clear indications of a built-in sequencer. Plus, there are eight light-up buttons on the front (middle position), with which you can possibly select presets.

We don’t know yet how the Strymon NightSky sounds especially because it doesn’t look like a classic reverb processor. The idea of combining a sequencer and reverb sounds very interesting.

Strymon Nightsky


The leak also tells us that the Strymon NightSky will cost 489 €, which is not cheap. All details will be revealed at 8 PM PT.

More information will follow: Strymon

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