Infernal Noise Machine, A Synth Voice For Monstrous Noisescapes Is Now On Kickstarter

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Flight Of Harmony brings with the Infernal Noise Machine a Eurorack synth voice to the market that is designed to produce a monstrous noisescapes

We love synthesizers whether classic, semi-modular or fully modular. No matter which variant you use, you often see a returning pattern: VCO into a VCF, modulated by envelopes, LFOs, and a VCA. Actually a classic synthesizer routing. A signal path that you know from all synthesizers, although you have endless possibilities with modular synthesis, you often end up with the same concept.

The developer flight of harmony is now showing a voice module that breaks traditional synthesizer thinking. The Infernal Noise Machine (48HP) is all about noisescapes, less about the production of melodies. According to the developer, the INM does not operate the same way as a traditional synth (OSC – filter….). Here is a voltage controlled noise source (imp) the heard of the entire system, not the VCO. The latter is just en effect with which you can color the tone of the noise.

Infernal Noise Machine

More Details

The IMP has eight frequency regions (domains) of operation, from semi-random sub-audio impulses to above audio range, used as the primary frequency modulation (FM) source for the VCO. The output is also available to each signal chain as well as an independent output jack. With the Coarse and Fine joysticks, you can control precisely the frequency of oscillation including multiple CV inputs and other controls. The Infernal Noise Machine also features a VCO (square, ramp, saw, triangle & sine) available to each signal chain along with independent output jacks for each waveform. As already mentioned, it acts here as a noise shaper or effect.

Besides these, it features two voltage-controlled filters (bypassable) and a VCA, each with breaking inputs and outputs. These I/O allow the VCF and VCA to be used independently or as inserts to the signal chain to allow external effects to be added. The two VCA outputs can also be used to provide stereo imaging and effects. The VCFs are Voltage-Controlled Bandpass Filters (VCBPF). Filter bandwidth and gain are varied by the gain control and the filter’s center frequency is varied by the fc control and can also be voltage-controlled.

The summed output of VCA 1 & VCA 2 are available at the All Out jack, via the volume control.


Infernal Noise Machine is not your classic music instrument, it is designed to make noise, sound effects or go deep in sound design. You can create a full range of musical tones with it but that was not the primary goal of the developer. The developer says:

So what can you do with it? Incidental sounds and ambiances, unholy caterwauling, soundscapes from melancholy to manic, even percussion and traditional musical sounds. The Infernal Noise Machine is particularly effective for making drones that evolve with time, with no external sources required. The internal architecture allows for a wide range of self-evolving, beat-frequency style tonal variations over an infinite range of rates. There is really no simple way to describe what the INM can do – you have to find out for yourself. This is a unique device. It requires a bit of time and patience to get a feel for how it works, but it is worth the effort.

A unique module in my opinion with which you can travel into the depth of noise.

flight of harmony Infernal Noise Maschine is available now for pre-order on Kickstarter for $777 USD. Shipping starts in February 2021.

More information here: flight of harmony 

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