Behringer PRO-800, Analog Clone Of The Sequential PRO-600 With 8 Voices

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Behringer has today introduced the PRO-800, an analog clone of the iconic Sequential PRO-600 Synthesizer upgraded with 8 voice polyphony. 

It’s never quiet at Behringer. The company today announced the PRO-800, analog clone of the Sequential Pro-600 from 1982. This is created in collaboration with the well-known developer GliGli, known for his Pro-600 modifications.

Instead of cloning the device as it was, they have taken this iconic synth to the next level by upgrading with full polyphony (Pro-600 – 6 voices) and 8 voices. The synth is based on two dual VCOs offering saw pulse and triangle on VCO A, and saw, pulse, tri, and saw, pulse, triangle, PW on VCO B. Also onboard is a noise generator.

Behringer Pro-800

It features an analog filter with the controls cutoff, resonance, envelope, and kybd. Further, it has two ADSR envelopes, one LFO with different destinations, and a poly mode section.

Behringer Pro-800

It is not known whether he has an arpeggiator or sequencer onboard. The buttons on the left can save patches. The Pro-800 also has a MIDI input and CV inputs/outputs for modular synths on the frontpanel. On the backside, you have a single output, footswitch input, MIDI routing matrix, MIDI Thru, USB connection, and a power supply input. It is a pity that it has no stereo out, only mono what is a bit strange for polysynths.

According to Behringer, they target a price of lower than $600 USD and shipment for January 2021 for the PRO-800.

More information here: Behringer

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