Majella Audio Announces Implexus Synthesizer: Features, Pictures & Audio Demos

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With Implexus, Majella Audio shows an analog desktop Synthesizer that makes complex synthesis (east & west coast) accessible with a performance-oriented menu free interface.

Yesterday there was only a small teaser, today almost everything. Majella Audio today released photos and first sound demos of the Implexus Synthesizer. And I was right about my first guess. Implexus is a performance-oriented hardware desktop Synthesizer that combines west- and east-cost syntheses techniques into a single form factor.

It offers an analog signal path that includes analog waveshaping, folding and audio rate modulation to create an immense range of sound and textures. One of the highlights, in my opinion, is not only the combination of east / west coast synthesis but also the one-knob-per-function interface without any display or menus. Different knob sizes will guide you to the most unique parts of this synthesizer and the LED’s will indicate modulating signals.


Analog Engine

The Implexus sound engine is analog and has two oscillator blocks: a complex and a basic generator. The complex is a west-coast-inspired oscillator that is about folding and shaping a sine wave. Instead of subtracting you will be adding harmonics in this section. The shaping and folding can be modulated at audio-rate in a single knob turn utilizing the second generator. Further, it offers different other one-knob modulation: linear FM, shaper envelope amount, LFO1 amount, folder env amount.

The basic generator is classically subtractive and has three different types of waves. Both generators go into a mixer where they can be mixed together with an additional sub-oscillator. The signal then flows into a filter with cutoff and resonance parameter. Implexus also offers a delay effect to refine the sounds.


A large number of modulation options should not be missing here: two multi-wave audio-rate LFOs with different time divisions & rate knob as well as two ADSR envelope generators with velocity. Both envelopes have different features: the filter envelope is loopable, so it can also be used as a third LFO and the amp envelope has a drone mode. With this, you can build drones and textures very well.

Implexus Backside


Not only the Implexus interface is very well equipped but also the backside, which is used for internal & external connectivity. Here you can find: TRS balanced stereo outputs, phones, MIDI In/Thru connections, USB port, and a good amount of modular connections:

  • outputs: complex osc, basic osc, clock
  • inputs: harm, cutoff, gate, pitch, velocity, fold, bias

Definitely a very nice Synthesizer, which is not only technically but also visually an eye-catcher.

The Majella Audio Implexus will be available to order via a Kickstarter campaign that will start shortly. A price is not yet known.

More information here: MA

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