K-Devices Releases TTAP Experimental Delay Effect For iOS AUv3

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TTAP is an experimental delay effect plugin both inspired by adventures with analog tape and by otherwordly textural effects is now also available for iOS AUv3. 

K-Devices is a developer company that has a big name in the Ableton Live devices market. The Italians have also been developing creative, unique plugins for some time. After Shaper and WOV, the iOS port of TTAP is here. TTAP is not a normal effect but a very special one. The inspiration came from analog tape and otherwordly textural effects.

TTAP is capable of creating bread-and-butter delay sounds, subtle enhancements, evolving experimental echos, or super chaotic delays.

K-Devices TTAP AUv3


The delay section of TTAP is based on two buffers where each features extensive controls for shaping the envelope of the delay sound, with another control set for glitchy pre-feedback repeats and warm pitch-bends. The plugin is inspired by both the classic sounds of tape delays and by experiments in editing and splicing tape.

TTAP goes deeper than classic delays: it features a dedicated Section control for determining the maximum length of time of the second buffer. The section also acts as a virtual LFO control, affecting a number of modulation parameters.

Both the Delay Time and Section controls in TTAP can either be synced to your DAW, or run free, providing up to 3.0 seconds of time for each. Try changing the speed while TTAP is running with high feedback for the expanding/contracting doppler sound familiar to any dub lover (or automate and randomize the process using the Bend control).

Deep experimental changes are possible with “in the fade” (fade easily between two delay buffers) and  “glitch and chance (randomized repeats…) features. If you search a crazy delay effect, don’t miss TTAP from K-Devices

K-Devices TTAP (iOS/AUv3) is available for the intro price of 3.49€/$2.99 USD until July 14th, 2020 (regular 6.99 EUR / $5.99 USD). The app requires iOS 9.3 or higher and AUv3 support.

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