Byte Order Revives Nord Modular G1 Synthesizers On MacOS With A New Editor

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Camille Bodart aka Byte Order gives us a brand new macOS editor with Catalina support for the Nord Modular G1 Synthesizer series 

Get your Nord Modular G1 synthesizers out of the sink. There is a new editor on the way for macOS with Catalina support. The developer Camille Bodart aka Byte Order is working on it that gives you full access to the entire Nord G1 modular engine. It’s a remake of the official editor and works only with the keyboard & rack version. Micro modular is unfortunately not supported.

Great to see is that this new editor not only comes as a standalone version, but also as a VST3/AU plugin. This means you can integrate and control the Nord Modular G1 directly in any VST3/AU compatible DAW. In the plugin version, all the 18 knobs for each slot are automatable what is nic

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The developer did not copy the design of the original but created a UI that is strongly inspired with modern accents that can be viewed better. However, this is not the first attempt to bring the editor back to macOS. Already in 2008 there was a new Noamd editor, in 2017 even a kind of reprogramming of the original. Not all of them workd properly on all macOS operating systems. It looks different on Windows.

editor with the Noamd Editor, in 2017 even a kind of reprogramming. However, not all of them worked on all macOS operating systems. It looks different on Windows. According to the user, the original Nord Modular G1 Editor even runs on Windows 10.

No Editor No Synth

The Nord Modular series is one of the strongest and most versatile synthesizers ever released. However, the whole series had a massive problem. To date, they are completely dependent on a working editor. If none works, you are limited to what is currently loaded in the synth. So keep your eyes open when buying second hand unit. If a good editor is available, you can buy it, otherwise be careful.

Byte Order Nord Modular G1 is available now in beta as a free download.

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