Din Sync Unveils RE-909 Rhythm Composer, TR-909 Drum Machine Replica As A DIY Project

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Din Sync revives the legendary Roland TR-909 analog drum machine as a DIY kit under the name RE-909 und the pre-sale starts on 606 day.

Yesterday there was news that Steda Electronics is currently building a replica of the Roland TR-909. But there is another company, a better known one, that is now unveiling its replica. None other than Paul Barker aka Din Sync is working on a complete 1:1 reproduction/replica of the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine.

Like its other projects, the RE-909 will have no new features, this for two reasons. On the one hand, it should be an authentic replica, on the other, it should be used to repair broken vintage 909. For example, the Behringer RD-9 cannot be used to repair vintage devices, as this is based on new designs with new features. So it’s a clone and not a replica. The lead behind this project was Christian Hartig and he has undertaken this as his biggest and last contribution to the DIY scene.

Din Sync RE-909

Din Sync Says

As part of our 606 day celebrations, we not only would like to remind you that the RE-606 is already released this year but we’d like to filp that on its head and let you know that the RE-909 is completed and will be available soon. We took a pristine TR-909 to pieces and painstakingly created a true 1:1 replica.

As before, the “RE” is made as spare parts that are interchangeable with the original vintage machines. For all intents and purposes, this is a real 909. So again, old machines can be brought back to life and new machines can be built.

Paul Barker sent me first impressions of the RE-909. There will be also a case.

Din Sync RE-909

For anyone who can’t solder or is not deep in the DIY thing, Paul has a smart solution that probably won’t be that cheap. He works again with the Austrian company Kumptronics where you can buy a fully assembled version.  Here is a first impression of how the replica sounds.

Din Sync RE-909 will be available on pre-sale on 6 June (606 day) in the official re303 webshop and on Kumptronics.

More information here: Din Sync 

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