Arturia Improves Keystep Pro With A New Firmware 1.2.6 Including New Features

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Arturia responds to the first feedback from Keystep Pro users with a new firmware 1.2.6 that brings new features, better MIDI in implementation & more.

Keystep Pro is, as the name suggests, the ramed version of the original Keystep with everything more: keys, features, connectivity…  The Arturia developers released the new Keystep Pro 1.2.6 firmware which contains numerous new handy functions, improvements, and bug fixes.

The update is a reaction to the first feedback that they received from the users. Among other things, it includes a reworked and optimized MIDI In implementation, more recording flexibility with the count in, patterns can now be recorded on the fly & more.

Arturia Keystep Pro 1.2.6

New In Keystep Pro 1.2.6

  • Reworked MIDI In implementation: Notes sent to the track’s input MIDI channels are now processed as if these were played on the KeyStep Pro keyboard and transmitted to the MIDI and CV Outputs.
  • More recording flexibility with the count in: When recording in real time, notes played prior to the recording are maintained after the start and are now recorded as well.
  • Record several patterns on the fly: Patterns can now be changed while record is ON. This lets you build several patterns at one time leaving more room for your creative flow when jamming.
  • Drum track time-division per pattern: The drum track time division is now stored in each drum pattern and recalled when changing from one pattern to another.
  • Sync Auto mode improvement: KeyStep Pro is now able to jump back to its internal clock after having been synced to an external source.
  • Sync handling improvements: Synchronization accuracy has been improved and now supports all clock rate formats.
  • New screen feedback messages: For some actions, new screen messages have been added to make the workflow more intuitive
  • Bug fixes: The update also comes with various bug fixes and workflow improvements. For more details, check out the release notes.

Arturia Keystep Pro 1.2.6 firmware is available now as a free download.

More information here: Arturia

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