Ritual Electronics Intros Six New Handy 1U Eurorack Modules

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For Superbooth 20 Home Edition, the young and enthusiastic company Ritual Electronics from France presented 6 handy modules in the 1U Eurorack format. 

The company has recently launched some exciting modules: Anima, a complex but easy to use function generator), Miasma, a distortion with interchangeable diodes or also Altar, an 18dB/octave state-variable filter. Now they show 6 new modules that go a different way, more precisely they are made for 1U systems.

They work not only with Intellijel but also with other cases that include a 1U row since they are based on the Eurorack standard.

Ritual Electronics 1U

New Modules For SB20 HE:

Flexibilité is an expression pedal adaptor module with 10HP that offers a foot-controlled attenuator or attenuverter function. The input enables the attenuation of external either audio or CV signals. Without an input signal, it outputs 0/+5v in unipolar mode or -5v/+5v in bipolar mode. Thanks to a reverse polarity switch, it is compatible with a large range of pedals.

Pointeuse (12HP) is another module for pedals but this time it’s a footswitch pedal adaptor. It allows foot-controlled momentary & latching mutes of audio or CV signals. Without an input signal, it outputs 5v. The mute is here clickless and Pointeuse is compatible with a wide range of pedals.

Assemblée (14HP) is a signal & mangler for audio & CV. It takes two inputs with mute switches and combines them to a single output. Pretty useful for advanced LFOs or envelope shapes. It includes a 6 position rotary knob to set how both signals will be mixed. The outputs can be a mix of max and min values, a combination of both or the same inverted. An additional bipolar output LED allows you to check the signal polarity.

Krach (6HP) is a dead-simple noise generator with white and pink noise onboard.

Répression (10HP) is a comparator module with CV controlled threshold. The comparator compares a signal to a threshold (0-8V) and when exceeded it outputs a gate. When it’s below the threshold, the inverted out outputs a gate. If an external signal is patched in the Threshold CV input the knob becomes an attenuator.

Guillotine (14 HP) is a stereo soft and hard-clipping distortion module. Clever, with its insane amount of gain, it can be used as an instrument adaptor (guitars, basses, microphones) and so brings line levels to modular levels. It includes also a three-way switch to select from three different frequency emphasis.

First Look Video

I had the chance to talk to Nicolas et Gautier of Ritual Electronics about their latest products and the upcoming 1U modules.

Ritual Electronics 1U modules will be available in Summer. Price TBA.

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