Faselunare Teases Vega, 4 Channel Digital Drum Module With Synthesis & Samples

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At SynthFest France 2020 A La Maison, Faselunare presented the prototype of Vega, a 4-channel digital drum module that combines drum synthesis & sample playback.

SynthFest France is going the same way as the Superbooth 20 this year. At home (à la maison) instead of in a real location. Here, too, manufacturers present new products. One of these is the Italian developer team of Faselnuare who presented an interesting drum module for Eurorack. Vega has 4 drum machine that combines digital synthesis + multiple waveforms and samples playback from an SD card.

The engine includes an envelope generator for percussion and a double lowpass/highpass filter. The voices are mixed internally and sent to two master fx section. No information yet what kind of effects are inside.

Faselunare Vega

The front panel is very logical and colorful designed with color-coded parameters and light-up buttons. This gives you a nice visual representation of what’s going on. The modules feature 2 endless encoders with which you access to the samples and sounds.

According to Robin of Gearnews, the company has 3 more products in development: Shapeshifter – drum machine, Microcosmos – Teeny based synth and audio board, and Suborbital – Arduino based board for Eurorack prototyping and more.  All these modules will be open-source.


Faselunare Vega will be available in the summer and price to be announced.

More information here: Faselunare

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