Substantia Is A Sequenced Physical Modelling Laboratory For MacOS

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Giorgio Sancristofo invites you to his Substantia laboratory on macOS where you can discover the unique world of physical modeling sounds.

Giorgio Sancristoforo has recently launched numerous interesting, experimental sound design products. Unfortunately only for macOS but each one is super unique. With Substantia, he is now researching the substance, the core of sounds. For this, he developed an electro-acoustical physical modelling engine that can re-create a lot of sounds.

The technology he uses is nothing new: it is called modal synthesis and modules such as the Mutable Instruments Elements, Intellijel Plonk or the AAS Chromaphone 2 Plugin (big love) have been using them for a long time. However, according to Giorgio, most tools have only a limited number of options and models. Often they give just inharmonicity and dumping controls over a bank of resonators and others only a few models (pipe, plate…) and materials (metals, plastic…) to play around. But Substantia tries to catch up and offers a lot that others cannot.


Physical Modelling Laboratory

With its 16 different models and 23 materials, Substantia is a true laboratory for physical modeling sounds. The materials range from aluminum to nickel, glass, marble, sapphire, platinum, gold, nylon, uranium oxide and more. In total, you have 368 resonant models and the list will grow with the next updates. The possibility of combining the different models and materials enables unlimited new sounds.  This macOS only application works with up to 8 voice polyphony and usees 100 resonant bandpass filters for each voice, so 800 in total.

The developer thought even further and let you excite the resonators with contact microphones (2 for stereo), samples, or white noise that allows you to experience a whole range of new digital sounds. Substantia is described as a powerful tool to create new “hyper-real” sounds, from amazing bongos to luxurious glassy and metallic textures. All this can be played via an onboard keyboard or via an integrated euclidean sequencer. It cannot be used as a plugin, but you can record sounds directly in the software.

At first glance, Subtantia is a great new sound design tool for experimental sounds. For me, it looks like the strongest and most versatile physical modeling / modal synthesis tool I’ve seen on the market so far. My love for Chromaphone 2 starts to shake.

Substantia by Giorgio Sancristoforo will be released on April 19th, 2020 at 12 PM Central European Time for a price of 14.99€. It’s only available as a macOS application and requires minimum OSX 10.11.5.

More information here: Giorgio Sancristoforo

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