LeafAudio Announces A Noisefoc Oscillator DIY Workshop Stream For Superbooth 20HE

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LeafAudio organizes a livestream DIY workshop for the Superbooth 20 Home Edition where you can put together the Noisefoc module without leaving the house

Superbooth 20 Home Edition is on with many new synthesizers, modules, etc. Even the workshops loved by many have made it home. Leaf Audio did not miss the opportunity to offer a special DIY workshop for all Synthesizer lovers stuck at home. In this video workshop, you can build the Leaf Audio Noisefoc, an experimental oscillator for Eurorack.

Noisefoc can be described as a chaotic oscillator for crazy noise sounds. It is based around three CMOS NAND gates as oscillators, controlled by potentiometers and a light dependent resistor (LDR). There’s an optical feedback of the frequencies via LEDs, two mixing circuits to mix the oscillators, and a power starving function which makes the device completely out of control. All this sounds not like another basic oscillator.

LeafAudio Workshop

How Does It Work?

Everything will be delivered so you don’t need to leave your home: the LeafAudio Noisefoc module as a kit including a detailed DIY workshop over live stream. You must register until April 25th on the official website of Exploding Shed. Then, the kit will all necessary parts will be mailed to you the following day. On April 30th at 7:00 p.m. Leaf Audio will host a livestream on YouTube, in which you will receive a detailed overview of the module, how to solder and a guide through the construction of the module. Of course, you can ask questions in the live stream, they are highly welcome.

Besides the kit, you only need a soldering iron, a side cutter, time and fun to participate in the workshop. All parts are included in the kit and even the solder is included.

Leaf Audio Noisefoc Kit is available now for 75€. Because of the shipping time, you should live within the EU to participate in the workshop so that the kit is with you in time. As a Synth Anatomy reader and watcher, you can get 10% off a purchase of at least € 50 from Exploding Shed until May 15th. Please use the code SB20-Home at checkout.

More information here: Leaf Audio

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