IK Multimedia Intros SampleTank 4 CS (Free), Editor With Sample Import & 6 New Libraries

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IK Multimedia is expanding the SampleTank 4 Kosmos with a free version (CS), editor with sample import and 6 new libraries.

IK Multimedia today introduced a large number of new SampleTank products. One of them is still in beta at the moment but it is a big customer-request function for years (also for me). The new SampleTank Editor is a new sample import/programming tool that can be used to create new ST4 instruments and libraries. It offers a streamlined, tab-based interface that guides users through the processes of constructing SampleTank instruments.

From the sample level all the way to the master instrument. These can be combined to create full libraries. Besides this, they introduced a new SampleTank 4 CS (Custom Shop), a free version for PC and Mac that offers more than 4GB of sound content plus all editing features and effects of the full software. On top of this, they released 6 new libraries for ST4.

SampleTank 4 CS

SampleTank 4 CS features

  • 50 Instruments, with over 4 GB of sound content.
  • Comprehensive library; expandable with additional libraries.
  • 200 MIDI grooves to build tracks quickly.
  • Works as a plug-in or as a stand-alone software

Like all versions of SampleTank 4, SampleTank 4 CS also offers a re-designed sound engine with disk streaming; four Groove Players to animate sounds; a mixer with 70 effects, FX sends and master bus. SampleTank 4 CS is available for direct download from the IK Multimedia website.

SampleTank 4 Editor

SampleTank 4 Editor Allows You

  • Import and auto-map samples into SampleTank format.
  • Edit and adjust Zones and Oscillators.
  • Import custom icons and add descriptions and tags.
  • Export creations as SampleTank 4 Instruments and Libraries.

The editor is available to registered users of any paid version of SampleTank 4, and can be downloaded from User Area on the IK Multimedia website.

IK Multimedia also released six new SampleTank libraries in the expansion library series. The libraries include a wide selection of instrument types, ranging from drum loops to robotic sci-fi synths, inspiring diverse musical styles including funk, reggaeton, pop, indie rock, and more.

SampleTank 4 libraries

New Titles

  • L.A. Confidential – grooves from top L.A. session drummers.
  • Alternate Keys – fresh chromatic instruments.
  • Clavitube – funky, vibey, amped clavinets.
  • Hitmaker Series:
    • Reggaeton – track-ready, tropical-inspired reggaeton sounds and grooves.
    • Synthwave – vintage analogue tones with a futuristic twist.
    • Trap – hard-hitting sounds and grooves.

The new SampleTank 4 libraries are available from the IK Multimedia online store starting from 49.99 USD/EUR excluding taxes. SampleTank 4 CS and the new editor in beta are ready for download for PC & Mac from the website. If you are interested to buy SampleTank 4 (full version), here a tip: get ST4 for FREE when you purchase a selected IK MIDI controller until March 31st, 2020.

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