Klevgrand Krets, Design Your Own Effects With This Free Modular Plugin

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Klevgrand Krets is a new free modular environment plugin where users can design own effects or sound generators from scratch 

Klevgrand develops plugins and brings them out like on an assembly line. However, they do a lot differently than other developers. They combine simplicity and unique ideas. Each plugin is something very special and can score points. Now they are showing Krets, a free modular environment that is available as a VST and AU plugin. Important here, the application is at the alpha stage of development, so it’s not yet a finished product.

According to the developer, Krets was originally developed to be used internally for prototyping new plugins and testing DSP ideas. But now they decided to transform it into an official software product. The basic idea behind Krets is to experiment with different modules like mathematical expressions, functions… and build own effect generators.

Klevgrand Krets

The focus is on low-level audio DSP processing and there are (almost) no ready-made effects to hook into an audio stream, the purpose is for the user to create these more or less from scratch. By combining mathematical expressions and functions (available as modules) a plethora of audio effects can be created, anything from a compression algorithm to generative soundscapes.

Be creative but careful as the developers write: “It may very well damage your hearing if things go wrong. Make sure to turn down the volume if you’re unsure about what an interaction may result in.”

Although we’re in an early development phase, we’d love if you would like to play with it. Maybe you’ll find a couple of bugs, maybe you’ll invent a killer distortion algorithm by accident. (true story: An accidental algorithm is actually the reason that Klevgrand started making plugins in the first place)

In order to use Krets, you’ll need a Klevgrand account. It is very free and lightweight. You’ll also need a Internet-connected computer to run it.

More information here: Klevgrand

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