XILS 505, Roland RS-505 String Machine Emulation That Goes Further

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XILS Lab’s XILS 505 is an accurate emulation of the Roland RS-505 string machine that goes beyond what the original can do.

In Grenoble are not only the headquarters of Arturia but also the home of the Xavier Oudin better known as XILS-Lab. He’s back with a new classic emulation for 2020. XILS 505 is a digital reproduction aka emulation of the Roland RS-505. In addition to the same controls, many hidden parameters of the original have been made accessible and expanded with new ones.

One of the new features is a vintage analog-style human choir machine as an alternative oscillator source for the synth section. The XILS 505 is not just a string machine but also a Synthesizer and bass synth. It offers 49 notes of polyphony including layering, source mixing and more. If you search a Roland RS-505 sounds, here you will get probably the closest in software form.

XILS 505


  • Oscillator: The mother of all sources. One faithfully emulated, aliasing free, TOD (Top Octave Divider) Oscillator providing up to 49 voices of polyphony.
  • A String Section, with it’s own filter, Waveform mangling, AR settings.
  • A Synthesiser Section with dedicated ADSR, 24db Analog Filter with envelope and LFO modulations, various sound sources (Rocker switches) and the Second Touch special retrigger feature.
  • A Human Voice Section with custom formant and balance settings.
  • A Bass Section with three cumulative waveforms. Each waveform can be filtered in the BASS panel.
  • One Main LFO to control the Vibrato. And another LFO freely assignable in the Mod Matrix.
  • Several Envelope Parameters for each section. A global ADSR for the Synth Section. And still, another DADSR envelope freely assignable in the Mod Matrix.
  • A thick sounding quadruple BBD Chorus/Ensemble unit. (Each section has it’s own send level).
  • A raw Analog Phaser effect. A Vintage Natural sounding reverb. A True Stereo Space effect.
  • Modulation Matrix, with 6 nodes addressing 14 sources and 24 destinations. Access to a lot of secret hardware parameters.
  • special Glide Section, an advanced polyphonic Arpeggiator.
  • And finally, all parameters can be controlled via MIDI Cc in your Daw (or Live).

XILS 505 is available to purchase as a USB eLicenser or iLok (1 and 2 dongle hardware or software) protected VST, AU, AAX plug-in at an

  • intro price of 89€ until Feb 29, 2020 (149€ regular)
  • Analog String Machines Bundle including XILS V+ for 119€ until Feb 29, 2020 (199€ regular) or
  • XILS V+ upgrade to the ASM bundle for 39€ until Feb 29, 2020 (59€ regular)

More information here: XILS Lab 

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