Ginkosynthese Little Synth, Pocket-Sized DIY Synthesizer With CV/Gate Support

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Ginkosynthese Little Synth is a pocket-sized open-source digital DIY Synthesizer that is compatible with Eurorack and external CV sequencers.

Little Synth isn’t just the name, it is also super little and fits in your pocket. This new DIY synth is based on an Arduino with a CH340 chip and design in collaboration with Kassen.

According to the developer, the synth is an entry-level DIY kit perfect for the first soldering experiences. It offers different built-in ready-to-use sounds.

Ginkosynthese Little Synth


Little Synth features three knobs, two buttons, three CV inputs, gate input, and audio output. The left knob is your synth tuner (one octave), the middle sets the decay o the sound and right the knob modulates the sound. It features for each of the presets different effects. Not overloaded with features, just some that can be accessed without menus, etc.

At the top left, it features four minijacks to control your synth from a sequencer or your modular. CV1 & Gate inputs control pitch and turn notes on and off. In this mode, the left knob should probably be set all the wat open, that way you get 1V/Octave tracking. CV2 controls the decay length and if this input is used, the middle knob will set the modulation depth. CV3 corresponds to the modulation or timbre control that each preset has and with the right knob you can set the modulation depth. All of the CV inputs react to voltages in the 0-5V range.

Ginkosynthese Little Synth

Onboard Presets

Little Synth features in total 7 different pre-installed sounds. It includes:

  • original “Grains” sound (default)
  • triangle wave with wave-wrapping
  • hoover
  • classic FM
  • saw-wave with hard-sync
  • phase distortion
  • tuned noise

Ginkosynthese Little Synth is available now for 55€.

More information here: Ginkosynthese

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