Qu-Bit Electronix Brings Back The Beloved Nano Rand Random Generator Module

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Qu-Bit Electronix Nano Rand v2 is a reissue of the beloved 4HP random module with a built-in sample & hold, noise source & random voltage generator.

The developers have decided to bring the module back to the market because of the high demand. But it is not only a 1 to 1 reissue but also a further development with some new features. It’s a digital module that is heavily inspired by the concept of analog random voltage modules.

The Nano Rand v2 core is an 8-bit microcontroller that allows for an extremely versatile, and more importantly, musical type of random. It features 4 random voltage algorithms that include random stepped voltages, r. LFO waveforms & frequencies, r. frequency audio rate square waves, and a combination of all algorithms, Nano Rand creates a signal that would otherwise take a multitude of modules to produce.

Qu-Bit Electronix Nano Rand v2

According to the developers,it is also capable of producing the most musical random gate output in the Eurorack format. When externally clocked, Nano Rand generates random gate outputs that are musically related to the incoming clock signal.

The user can choose between an eighth, sixteenth, quarter and many other rhythmic divisions, creating unique evolving rhythms. The new Nano Rand offers a new intuitive interface and more random per square millimeter than ever before.


  • 4 switchable random voltage algorithms
  • Can be internally or externally clocked
  • Random gate source that generates musical derivatives of the incoming clock
  • Generates random frequency audio rate square waves allowing it to be both audio and control source
  • Random voltage can be unipolar or bipolar

New In Nano Rand V2

  • Noise output converted to analog white noise circuit with an extremely flat frequency response
  • Algo button converted to a smaller version
  • Added reverse power protection

Demo Of The Nano Rand V1

Qu-Bit Electronix Nano Rand V2 is available now for pre-order for $199 USD. It’s available in a black and silver faceplate.

More information here: Qu-Bit Electronix 

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