Qu-Bit Electronix Released Bloom Fractal Sequencer For Eurorack, Source For Evolving Melodies

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Qu-Bit Electronix Bloom is a 32-step fractal sequencer module for the Eurorack format that can be your one-trick pony for evolving melodies 

Qu-Bit Electronix today released Bloom, a module they unveiled at the NAMM 2019. Bloom is a fractal sequencer that is capable of generating infinitely evolving melodies with a host of music features. The module is based on a 32 step sequencer with two independent channels with which you can do much more than on a normal step sequencer.

Bloom includes fractal algorithms which can transform existing sequences into complex melodies, or even generate new patterns altogether. It all starts with a base sequence known as Trunk that can be programmed by hand or automatically with the Mutate function.

Qu-Bit Electronix Bloom

It gets interesting when a Trunk is programmed because then the fractal transformation fun starts with the Branch and path controls. Each new Branch adds a complete variation to the base sequence and Path determines its passage through the set of recursively generated sub-sequences, offering a unique take on the melody with each turn of the knob.

Bloom is thus a Eurorack module that conjures up new musical ideas for musicians. It’s like a one-trick pony for evolving melodies.


  • Fractal sequencer
  • Infinitely evolving melodies
  • Two independent channels
  • 32 steps per channel for base sequence, 256 steps for generated sequences
  • Ratchets, per step slew, quantized output, and transpose control
  • 8 pattern locations w/ save, load, copy, and erase functionality

Qu-Bit Electronix Bloom Fractal Sequencer is available now for $329 USD.

More information here: Qu-Bit Electronix 

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