Cre8audio’s New Nifty Lineup Includes An Affordable Eurorack Case & Modules

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Cre8audio intros a new lineup of Eurorack products including a super affordable powered case and two new modules where one is inspired by chiptune music.

The developers of Twisted Electrons today introduced new Eurorack products under a new company called Cre8Audio. They describe them as nifty because they offer a lot for little money. The NiftyCase is a new affordable Eurorack case ($200) with a built-in PSU and clever additional features like a dual USB & MIDI to CV converter. A very interesting case for beginners of modular synthesis.

You also need modules for a case. With the Chipz oscillator and Cellz touch-controller, they are offering two new modules at a very reasonable price. Chipz is inspired by chiptune sounds what is no surprise if you know the background of the developers. All this is also available in a NiftyBundle for under $270 USD which is a nice package for beginners.


Chipz Dual VCO & LFO

Chipz is the first module of Cre8audio and is inspired by chiptune sounds. It features two oscillators and an LFO or two in a 12HP module. All “three” oscillators offer sine, triangle, sawtooth, square and noise wave shapes.

Interesting here, the first oscillator includes a filter and the second has pulse width modulation (PWM). The LFO includes two separate outputs.

Cellz – Progammable CV Touch Pad

The second module is called Cellz and is a 12HP touch-pad voltage controller and sequencer. Each of the 16 touch-sensitive pads can be fed two 12bit values (semi-tone quantized or free scale), ranging from 0V to 5V. With the help of a clock, you can cycle through them and use it as wacky sequencer.


In addition to the two new modules, Cre8audio also offers a new Eurorack case that is very affordable. For around $200 USD (street price), you get an 84HP wide case with a built-in 2.5A power supply with 10 flying bus power connectors.

To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of flying bus systems because they often produce more internal noise. A built-in bus board system would have been nicer. Maybe the developers have improved this a bit, so you get less noise.


Exciting here is that they do not offer a normal case, but has extended it with helpful and useful features. It includes a built-in USB & MIDI interface that converts MIDI signals into 2 CV/Gate outputs. Plus, you can find a modulation output and a clock output.

On the backside, you have also an audio output. All this for $200 USD is not a bad deal at all.

NiftyCASE features

  • Useable case area = 84hp
  • Internal depth = 55mm
  • Range of cv out 1 = 1-10V
  • Range of cv out 2 = 1-10V
  • Voltage output gate 1 – off =0 on =5(off = 0 on = 4.65)
  • Voltage output gate 2 – off =0 on =5(off = 0 on = 4.65)
  • Voltage output mod = 1-10V
  • Voltage output clock – off =0 on =5
  • Power output for modules
    •  +12V – 1500mA
    • -12V – 500mA
    • +5V – 500mA
  • Included in the box: NiftyCASE + switching power supply with blades for NA, EU, UK, and AU

The new Cre8Audio lineup is available as individual products or in the NiftyBundle that consists of the NiftyCase plus the two modules and cables. The NiftCase is available for $199, Chipz for $99, Cellz for $99, cables for $15 and the NiftyBundle bundle for $269 USD.

More information here: Cre8Audio 

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  1. The Cellz is $99, not 15. For 15, I was about to impulse buy. lol And that bundle is a really good price. I’ve been looking for another case AND a midi-to-cv/gate module (with 2 CV outs) but this Nifty Bundle seems like the better option! It’ll fit perfectly underneath my Rackbrute.

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