Wave Alchemy Bassynth, Sound Design Oriented Bass Virtual Instrument For Kontakt Player

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Wave Alchemy Bassynth combines a powerful synth bass engine with over 11 GB of sound content and advanced sound design features in a new Kontakt Player library. 

I report less about Kontakt libraries because new libraries are coming onto the market every day. Wave Alchemy, however, has developed a powerful new bass virtual instrument powered by a 4-layer voice engine for Kontakt Player.

Bassynth includes 11GB of sound content crafted from analog & digital synths. Available are multi-sampled sound sources, single oscillators, and wavetables.

Wave Alchemy Bassynth

Powerful Engine

The engine allows you to blend any 4 sound sources and manipulate the raw oscillator sources further with sound parameters like filters, unison, envelopes, tone-shaping controls, modulation, FX and more. It gets more interesting when you use the morph, animate or perform features. According to the developer, you can use BASSYNTH’s powerful XY Pad to blend and morph up to 64 parameters simultaneously with just a single knob turn. Create subtle timbral changes or transform sounds into something breathtakingly enormous and complex.

Freely assign multiple parameters to any of BASSYNTH’s 8 Macro Sliders via drag+drop workflow for performance, sound design or Motion Sequencing. Each Macro can be manipulated directly from the UI, MIDI controller or via automation.

Wave Alchemy Bassynth

On the modulation side, it comes with three ADSR envelopes, 4 LFOs, velocity, key-tracking, aftertouch, pitch-bend modulation and a powerful polyrhythmic motion designer. Sequence, mutate and morph any of the 8 Macros for gradually evolving sweeps, dramatic rate-shifting wobbles or insanely complex polyrhythmic modulation.

 Draw in modulation, choose from 36 preset sequence patterns or simply randomise each lane. Give your bass tones an unrivalled dynamic and sonic interest. Each Sequencer Lane can have its own unique Length, Rate and Smoothing amount.


  • Layer up to four sound sources, oscillators or wavetables per Bassynth sound.
  • 800+ beautifully crafted multi-sampled sound sources.
  • 290 factory presets.
  • Dynamic Preset Browser and Sound Source Browser, each with three levels of Tag filtering to make finding sounds quick and easy (and Favourites list).
  • Clever XY Pad for morphing between macros and parameters to create complex movements and changes to the sound.
  • Six unique filter types available per voice/layer, each with multiple slope and pole settings, plus a dedicated high-pass filter per voice.
  • Seven Analogue modes that utilize up to 8 round robins per sound source.
  • Eight voices of Unison, per voice / layer, with detune, randomize, stereo spread and mix controls.
  • Dedicated Wavetable engine with 200+ scannable custom-built wavetables, including multiple warp modes.
  • Polyrhythmic Motion Designer – Sequence anything via the macros for complex modulation. Each lane can have its own length and time signature, as well as randomization and much more.
  • Modular effects system. – Each of Bassynth’s 4 voices/layers has a customizable effects section, each with 6 inserts per voice, plus master and send effects..
  • Powerful Drag and Drop macro system. Any 8 parameters can be assigned to each macro and up to 8 macros.
  • Mix page with send effects, visual volume meters, and stereo widening effects.
  • Tone page with smart EQ (another XY Pad), saturation and Lo-Fi.

Wave Alchemy Bassynth is available now for Kontakt Player for the intro price of £119.95 GBP until September 30th, 2019. The regular price is £149.95 GBP.

More information here: Wave Alchemy

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