Dreadbox Antiphon Fuses 8 Sine Oscillators & A Spring Reverb In A New DIY Synth Voice

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Dreadbox Antiphon is not the typical bread and butter analog DIY synth voice but it melds 8 sine oscillators and a spring reverb in a very unique sound machine for the Euroack format.

The developers of Dreadbox present their big synth news always at Superbooth like the Erebus 3 or NYX 2. In between they show always small bites like the Lil’Erebus, a little DIY synth voice for Eurorack. Now they are back with a very exciting new DIY product. Rose, 8 sine oscillators and a spring reverb, that’s how you could summarize Antiphon, the new synth voice for Eurorack.

The key point is here: it’s something new unique and not again a VCO/VCF/ADSR/VCA design. ANTIPHON is a synth voice that features 8 sine oscillators, each with individual output, pitch & level control and CV inputs. Oscillator 7 and 8 can also be used as an LFO with a range of 1min up to 10kHz. Further, it offers two filters including a 2-pole non-resonant lowpass and highpass filter. Next, it also includes an exponential VCA but without an envelope. So it’s more a drone synth with 8 oscillators.

Dreadbox Antiphon

Secret New Dreadbox Modules

The new Antiphon will not be the only new Eurorack module. In the official video demo there are clear references to new Dreadbox modules which are very colorful. On one recognizes the name Utopia. Possible a new range of modules: oscillator, filter, envelopes…

Dreadbox Antiphon


  • Analog Monophonic Synth Voice
  • 8 Sine Wave Oscillators
  • Oscillator 7 and 8 can be used as LFOs with a range of 1min up to 10kHz
  • Individual Oscillator Outputs and pitch control
  • 2-Pole non-resonant Low Pass Filter
  • 2-Pole non-resonant High Pass Filter
  • Exponential VCA
  • Analog Spring Reverb with Gain control
  • 150mm 3-Spring Reverb tank by Belton
  • External Input can accept up to Guitar Levels
  • In combination with the Cardboard case+ power product (NOT INCLUDED in the DIY KIT), it can be used as a Drone Synth or as a Desktop Effect
    Desktop Effect:
    – Spring Reverb
    – Tremolo
    – Ring Modulator / Bit Crush
    – Filter Effects
    – Overdriven Reverb
  • 22 Patch Points
  • 42HP Eurorack Format

Dreadbox Antiphon is available now as a DIY Kit for 165€ from the official store.

More information here: Dreadbox 

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  1. I like your articles but please get an English native speaker to proof read your articles because there are many grammatical mistakes.

    • impossible from a financial side, sorry! Take it or leave it 😉 But if such comments will continue, I will switch Synth Anatomy to german 😉 It’s a one man show where I can’t finance a reader or so. Nobody wants to pay for information, so the readers must live with it.

  2. Above comment is perfect example of how to waste time… sure very few people feel the same way.

    Thanks @synthanatomy, I just bought this DIY module because your post.

  3. A nice article my friend. I’ve bought one of these kits, yet to arrive but once it does I’ll post another reply of my verdict. They’re in limited supply but the total quantity is not clear. I may even build a reverb tank selected so I can switch between different sizes, I’ve always been a digital effects guy but because of the nature of the module I would assume tapping the tank springs would add to the over all point of it.

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