Behringer ARP Quadra Synthesizer Replica In The Works?

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Behringer ARP Quadra replica signs are condensing with the company’s current Facebook posting or Uli is kidding us with these clues

This article is based on rumors and speculations!

Behringer has published a Facebook post this afternoon with a possible reference to a new polyphonic synthesizer replica. The picture shows the ARP Quadra, a vintage synth from 1978 and the character Dwayne Dibley.

Behringer ARP Quadra

What Is The ARP Quadra?

The ARP Quadra was a 61-key analog Synthesizer produced by ARP Instruments Inc from 1978 to 1981. This synth was quite unique because it combined pre-existing ARP products: Omni, Odyssey, Solina, a phaser and a divide-down organ with a 4075 based 24dB lowpass filter and an ADSR envelope into one box.

Visually he was noticed because of his very colorful designs.

Behringer ARP Quadra

An ARP Quadra Replica From Behringer Would Make Sense

That Behringer now published a photo of the ARP Quadra is not out of fun but planned and a replica of this vintage Synthesizer would make sense. On the one hand, the ARP Odyssey has been successfully replicated and, on the other, there are plans for a Behringer Solina. I reported about this possible release in May. Both instruments are included in the Quadra.

So an ARP Quadra Replica would be very close in my opinion. But as I said, this article is just speculation and rumors. There is no official statement currently by Uli Behringer. Stay tuned for more future information.

More information here: Behringer

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  1. No it doesn’t make sense – they’ve already released the odyssey so why would people who’ve already bought it want another odyssey in this new colourful case.
    I could be wrong – I usually am

  2. WOAAAAA!!!!!!! OH YES!

    Now THIS is what we’re after.

    Just please don’t replicate those stupid overhanging keys; they’re so impractical for gigging,lifting,moving the instrument. A four channel sequencer would be nice, though.

    This is serious sonic territory… GO ULI!

  3. I had no idea about that Solina. I’m down for whatever Behringer releases. However, could they please update us about the System 100m? It’s great they’re moving into the vintage polysynth realm… Please update on the eurorack modules. There’s been like 1 update in the past year.

    From now on, whenever they release a basic mono synth, they should just release them as individual eurorack modules. Sell them as a group but also individually. Like the oscillator section on the Neutron. Or the Pro-1 filter. People would be into that.

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