UVI Toy Suite Introduced, Virtual Instrument With Over 370 Musical Toy Sounds & 8-Bit Synth

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UVI Toy Suite released, a virtual instrument with a big collection of over 370 musical toy instruments, 8-bit synth sounds & more 

One of the most active sample library developers is the French company UVI. Almost every month they publish new products. The summer is almost finished and UVI already has something new at the start. Toy Suite is a new virtual instrument powered by the UVI engine that features over 370 musical toys and 8-bit sounds.

These are not only naked samples but complete virtual instruments that you can use to design your own sounds. Per example, the 8-bit sounds are built into a two-layer synth engine with envelopes, filter, modulation, multi-fx engine, arpeggiators and more. Anyone looking for such sounds is in the right place here.

UVI Toy Suite

Press Release

Paris, August 28th, 2019 – UVI releases Toy Suite, a premier musical toy instrument collection boasting over 370 acoustic and electric toys, a dedicated 8-Bit Synth for creating video game-inspired sounds and more. The largest and most ambitious library of its kind, Toy Suite is designed to help musicians, composers and sound designers conjure up wonder, depth, and nostalgia in their productions with unique timbres and personality unlike anything else available.

UVI Toy Suite

Toy Suite delivers a huge range of professionally sampled toy instruments, produced with the same outstanding quality and attention to detail as our classical instrument collections. Tiny pianos, guitars, organs, drums, shakers, percussions, whistles, metallophones, bells, shakers, moo-cans, music boxes, drum machines, melodicas, mini-synths, accordions, harmonicas, trumpets, samplers, style-o-phones, talking toys and more resonate with charm and detail.

In addition, Toy Suite introduces the all-new 8-Bit Synth, a dual-layer synth delivering sounds from classics like the Commodore 64, Gameboy, SID Station, Mod Machine and more. Each of 8-Bit Synth’s two layers can be loaded with its own sound presets and can be discretely programmed with envelopes, filters, modulation, a multi-fx engine, and arpeggiators including our new Chip Arpeggiator. A deep and capable instrument, 8-Bit Synth is perfect for creating old-school video game tones, flavored genre sounds, or your own inspired creations.


  • 23.46 GB content (FLAC lossless encoding, was 86.32 GB in WAV).
  • 384 Instruments.
  • 1,185 Presets.
  • 34 Kits.
  • 1,499 Loops.
  • 70,000+ Samples (44.1kHz, recording at 88.2kHz).

Toy Suite for Falcon or the free UVI Workstation is available for the intro price of $279 USD/279 EUR through September 10th, 2019 (regular 399 USD/EUR). Owners of Complete Toy Museum, Acoustic Toy Museum, and Electric Toy Museum are eligible for a special upgrade price of 99 USD/EUR.

The library includes three simultaneous authorizations on up to 3 computers via iLok software or iLok keys.

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