Best Free Chorus Plugins For PC & Mac (2019

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Many musicians have a limited budget to buy new instruments or effects. Above all, many of them use their budget to buy hardware and less about software. One of the effects I personally love on hardware as well as software is beside reverb/delay/distortion also chorus. Good sounding plugins can be expensive but there are several that cost you nothing. (August 2019 Update)

I consider only free chorus plugins that are:

  • for PC & Mac at the same time
  • free for everyone
  • no time restriction
  • 64-bit compatible

Free Chorus Plugins PC Mac

Kilohearts Chorus

Kilohearts Chorus is a simple good sounding chorus plugin for PC & Mac that can be used as standard plugin or in its Snap Heap sound design system. Chorus enhances the stereo effect and presence of a sound by mixing it with delayed versions of itself.

Available here: Kilohearts 

Oblivion Sound Lab OSL Chorus

OSL Chorus is modelled after the Juno 60’s onboard chorus. It produces rich, wide choruses that are perfect for bringing dry synthesizers to life, but it sounds equally good on guitar, bass, and other instruments.

In its default configuration OSL Chorus emulates the original unit, but adjustable parameters let you dial in custom choruses that range from subtle to extreme.

OSL Chorus free chorus


  • Adjustable LFO rate and depth
  • Adjustable delay offset
  • Low pass filter to control the chorus brightness
  • Separate dry and wet controls for precise mix levels
  • All parameters can be automated from the host DAW
  • Supports stereo-to-stereo and mono-to-stereo channels
  • Compatible with 32 and 64 bit hosts

Available here: Oblivion Sound Lab

Matthieu Brucher ATKChorus

ATKChorus is a chorus effect, with feedforward and feedback channels with a low frequency random delay delay.

Matthieu Brucher ATKChorus

Available here: Matthieu Brucher

Acon Digital Multiply

Acon Digital Multiply is a versatile chorus effect with a unique twist. Each simulated voice is processed with a phase randomizing filter so that unpleasant comb filter effects are avoided. The effect can be used to simulate the effect of several performers playing the same tones simultaneously, to widen the spatial image or to create special effects for sound design. Multiply can simulate up to 6 additional voices and both the pitch and the loudness of the voices can be modulated.

There is also an integrated equalizer consisting of low cut, low shelf, high shelf and high cut filters that can be applied to the effect signal. An integrated pre-delay section makes it possible to create modulated and diffuse echo effects.

Acon Digital Multiply


  • Chorus effect with up to six separate voices
  • Randomized phase filters in order to avoid comb filtering effects while keeping delay times short
  • Amplitude modulation
  • Frequency modulation
  • Adjustable pre-delay
  • Integrated equalizer for the effect signal
  • Graphical visualization of equalizer frequency response
  • Undo and redo parameter changes
  • A/B comparisons
  • Preset manager
  • Save, load and categorize user presets

Available here: Acon Digital

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