Ghost In The Shell’s Electronic/Orchestral OST Is Available Now As A Free Download

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In 2017, the Sci-Fi movie Ghost In The Shell with Scarlett Johannson premiered in theaters worldwide. The audience was especially excited about the big electronic orchestral soundtrack by Clint Mansell & Lorne Balfe. Unfortunately, the soundtrack was never officially released on CD, Vinyl, download or streaming platforms.

Shortly after the film fans started a petition (over 6000) requesting an official release. The production company didn’t react to this petition, a shame.

Ghost In The Shell OST

Lorne Balfe noticed the demand and published at Christmas Time 2017 the official soundtrack of Ghost In the Shell as a free download. The link still works today. Who loves Blade Runner style soundtracks with big synth and orchestral sounds, just download it.

Thank you to everyone that supported the score to Ghost in The Shell. Throughout the year we have released music to the film but as it’s the season of good cheer, here is a link to the full quality recordings.

It’s probably one of the best electronic/orchestral OST that has never been officially released.

Thanks, Lorne Balfe!

Available here: Ghost In The Shell OST

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