Native Instruments Released Straylight, Cinematic Granular VI For Kontakt 6 Player

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Native Instruments has released Straylight, a new Kontakt 6 Player virtual instrument based on granular synthesis and cinematic sample content. The engine features a grain and sample playback modules with additional built-in effects and a performance-based X-Y modulation matrix.

It offers film, TV, and game composers a wide range of atmospheres, drones, tones, transitions and more.

Native Instruments Straylight


At the core of STRAYLIGHT are screen-ready cinematic sound sources. Much time was spent testing sources and playing techniques, looking for the best and most interesting sounds for the granular engine – such as rubbing a rubber ball on glass or playing clay pots and oil drums. The result is over 360 unique sound sources for the granular and sample modules, with over 380 presets.

STRAYLIGHT also features a bespoke granular engine that places the source audio into a powerful – yet easy-to-use – interface. It provides lush, organic timbres that can defy time and pitch, yet still retain the pristine character of the source sounds (strings, glass, stone, membranes, and more). Sounds evolve over time and risers and transitions can adapt automatically to project tempo. The granular engine is paired with a layer from the sample module, which itself offers the same level of editing and modulation.

STRAYLIGHT’s modulation and effects sections allow a fast, creative workflow. The precise X-Y control enables expressive direct-to-picture performance and detailed control over intensity and timing. Up to 14 different effects can be applied simultaneously – taken from nine different categories: Filters, dynamics, EQs, gaters, drivers, modulation, delays, utilities, and reverbs. STRAYLIGHT even includes specially captured reverb impulse responses, selected to complement its audio content and granular engine.

LA-based composer (and former Tangerine Dream member), Paul Haslinger, was consulted in the design of STRAYLIGHT. His credits include Underworld, Minority Report, Fear, The Walking Dead, and Rainbow Six: Siege.

Native Instruments Straylight is available now for Kontakt 6 Player) for $149 USD/€/GBP.

More information here: Native Instruments

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