Arturia MicroFreak, The Opinions Of The YouTubers At A Glance

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At the NAMM 2019 Arturia introduced the MicroFreak, a small affordable hybrid Synthesizer with an experimental touch. The MicroFreak is about to release worldwide and many creators (YouTubers) got the device for testing.

Arturia MicroFreak YouTubers

The special thing about YouTube is that everyone tests the MicroFreak in a different way. Everybody highlights or criticize different point that gives you an idea about the unit. Many videos are already online which give you a nice overview. Here are some of the highlights.

In-Depth Review By Loopop

SonicState Review

Electronic Beats TV: Stimming Reviews The Arturia MicroFreak

BoBeats First Impressions

Jakob Haq’s First Impressions

In the next few weeks, many other videos will follow, including from my side. What I can already say: the MicroFreak is a very interesting synth with a completely different concept. Not semi-modular, not pure analog… no patch cables etc. Nice done Arturia.

Arturia MicroFreak is available soon for a price of 299€ from any retailer worldwide.

More information here: Arturia

Available now for pre-order at our partners


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