Leap Into The Void Introduced Et Tantara Pul Hypnosis – 202 New Patches UVI Falcon Synthesizer!

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Leap Into The Void has released El Tantara Pul Hypnosis, a new soudset for UVI Falcon Synthesizer with 202 new patches. They range from hypnotic atmospheres, drones, dark ambiances, soundscapes, sequences and more.

Leap Into The Void Et Tantara Pul Hypnosis


Et Tantara Pul Hypnosis makes full use of the wavetable OSC with handcrafted modulations of position, phase distortion, the new FM OSC, full use of voices, spread and detune. Furthermore, with innovative combinations of multiple tuned Xpander filters and surgically precise modulation of the filter drive, “Falcon opens Pandora of never-ending, mesmerizing, otherworldly and enchanting depths”.

Suited for cinematic composing, ambient, atmospheric, electronic, drone, film/TV underscores, experimental, hybrid composing and more.


  • 202 presets in the following categories:
    • Aenchantae Hypnosis 60 presets (from smooth padscapes to ominous atmospheres).
    • Ceqae Pulsora 70 presets (pulsating, sequences, rhythmic and patterns).
    • Iter Machinae 28 presets (repetitive, factorial, industrial).
    • Melodiaquium 44 presets (melodic keyboard sounds from shorter pluck-ish to larger majestic).
  • Expressive velocity assignments.
  • Innovative, extensive and experimental filter use.
  • Vast coloring possibilities and variations instantly from the assigned macro knobs.
  • UVI Falcon 1.6.4 required.

Leap Into The Voice Et Tantara Pul Hypnosis is available now for an introductory price of 39€ instead of 59€.

More information here: Leap Into The Voice 

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