KORG Introduced Kronos SE (Special Edition) With A Red Finish & More Sounds!

Lush Red Gradation Finish, Italian Grand Piano & KApro Showcase!

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The KORG Kronos celebrates its premiere on the NAMM Show 2011. 8 years later, it’s still on the market and received an update this year. At NAMM 2019 a Kronos SE (Special Edition) will be presented with a new red finish and plenty of new sounds.

It includes the new Italian-made-grand piano debuted on the KORG Grandstage as well as a new sound library from Kurt Ader (KApro) There are no new features but the new red color stands out.

KORG Kronos SE


With a red gradation finish that makes it identifiable at a glance, this KORG KRONOS features the new Italian-made grand piano that debuted on the KORG Grandstage. It also comes with the pre-installed “KApro Showcase” that collects only carefully selected sounds from KApro (*), who provided more than 100 of the KRONOS Sound Libraries.

The gorgeous color and sound delivered only by KRONOS will make an unmistakable difference on stage. The KRONOS Special Edition is available in a lineup of three models: 61-key, 73-key, and 88-key.

Italian Piano

In recent years, this Italian grand has drawn dramatically increased attention from the worlds of classical and jazz music. The presence of its sound and its detailed resonances have captivated audiences worldwide. A full concert grand previously used in international competitions was specially adjusted and sampled for the KRONOS. 

KApro Showcase

This includes orchestral strings that sing with emotion, as well as brass, woodwinds, choir, and phrases. It’s a showcase of sounds from KApro, who has developed more than 100 titles of Korg sound libraries. This collection will be a gateway for you to further expand your sonic variety. 

The KORG Kronos SE will be available soon for a starting price of 3299€ for the 61 keys version. A 73 and 88-keys version will be also available!

More information here: KORG 

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  1. Come on, another little change, with just kapro sounds in it ? That’s it.
    Where is the upgrade with more Karma possibilities.
    I hope there wil soon be one there,
    All does colours gets me dizzy

    • No changes but why change something that stands on big stages and works 😉 Becomes slowly a classic workstation 😉

      • Yeah that’s for sure, but I meant some little changes,.but then again it’s a great machine,and still lots to learn.
        I,m getting better and better.

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