Eventide Launched Instant Phaser MK II Studio Phaser Plugin (70% OFF Intro Sale)!

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Eventide has launched for NAMM 2019 Instant Phaser MK2, the second version of the best-known phaser plugin for PC & Mac. It’s an emulation of the original 1971 hardware effect unit and produce the same iconic sound with all the same analog touch, smooth modulations and more!

Eventide Instant Phaser MK II


The Instant Phaser Mk II perfectly captures the unique, imprecise analog character of the original hardware. During development we discovered that the values of some of the components change with age; they drift further and further from their marked values. The result is that an Instant Phaser which has been powered up for years will sound different than it did on day one. The new plug-in features an innovative Age knob, which allows you simulate this aging of the components of the phase shift networks and the LFO. Once we started down this path, in a salute to entropy, we decided to extrapolate far into the future.

The Instant Phaser Mk II offers three different sonic characteristics that change the amount of phase-shift sections, simply labeled “Shallow”, “Deep”, and “Wide”. When “Wide” is selected, the Instant Phaser Mk II gives you a different amount of phase-shifting on both right and left channels, resulting in a slightly different effect in each ear. You can use this to turn flat mono guitars into huge stereo leads, or make your single channel synthesizer fill out the sides of your mix.


  • Add Age for component drift and electrical leakage in your phaser.
  • Offers three different flavors of phasing with the Mode switch: Shallow, Deep, and Wide.
  • Utilize one of four distinct methods to control the phasing.
  • Depth allows you to combine the phased signal with the dry signal.
  • Added Side Chain function allows you to trigger the Envelope Follower from a separate source in the mix for inter-track mingling.
  • Exercise total control of the Oscillator with Sync and Retrig controls.
  • Use Feedback control for a more pronounced sound.
  • Includes standard gain input and output.

Eventide Intant Phaser MK II is available now for an introduction price of $39 USD (instead of $129 USD). The discount is valid until March 1st, 2019. The plugin is free for Anthology X and XI owners.

Available here: Eventide Instant Phaser MK II

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