Happy New Year & What To Expect In 2019 On SYNTH ANATOMY!

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Happy New Year 2019! I wish you all the best and that the year will be a great for you and your family. The year 2018 is now official over and would like thank you (big like) for the continuous support on the SYNTH ANATOMY website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and also for your subscription on YouTube. You are fantastic and responsible why SYNTH ANATOMY grew so much in 2018.

Happy New Year 2019

What To Expect In 2019 On SYNTH ANATOMY!

  • News: as soon as possible on the website and YouTube
  • Re-launching Synth News on YouTube
  • working more regular on the Audio MIDI Deals website. Sorry for the non-activity
  • NAMM 2019 coverage on the website and YouTube
  • Reviews: some hardware (Doepfer Dark Energy MK3, Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2, Focusrite iDock…) and software reviews are in the planing.
  • Coverage of a secret synth event in March.
  • MESSE 2019 coverage: TBA
  • Superbooth 2019 coverage on the website and YouTube
  • and much more.

NAMM 2018 Coverage


Likes, shares or subscription help the activity very much, thank you. Unfortunately, these are not virtual cash and so I can not pay your monthly bills with these. To finance the SYNTH ANATOMY website, I work closely with affiliate partners like Plugin Boutique, Thomann and more in the past. This helps me to publish content (news, reviews…) that was not influenced or bought by a company.

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As usual, trade fair reports are again sponsored by two or more companies. Fairs like the NAMM cost like $ 1k + (flight, hotel,…) what is a lot of money for a one man new website. So I can finance such trips otherwise it would not be possible.

I hope you stay as numerous as ever on the website and I look forward to your comments. Thanks for the support and I hope the year 2019 will be as nice as the 2018! 

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