Best FREE Delay Plug-ins For PC & Mac With 64-Bit Support

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Adam Monroe’s Delay

Adam Monore Free Delay

Adam Monore’s delay is a free effect plugin that simulates delays from the simple slapback to the bubbly and experimental.


  • Traditional Time, Feedback, and Mix knobs.
  • High and Low-Pass filtering that can be set to filter linearly or exponentially.
  • “Ping-Pong” panning that is synced to the delay time, with adjustable width.
  • Stereo effect, support of 44.1-192 kHz sample rates.
  • Available for VST/AU/AAX

More information here: Adam Monore

Ignorski Regrader Degenerative Delay

Ignorski Regrader Degenerative Delay 


Echoes disintegrate, are decimated, piercingly oscillate and are finally mangled into a sound reminiscent of a jet engine processing gravel. Each of the modules within Regrader have different routing possibilities to finely tune your carefully sculpted noise.

Think industrial or dark sound design to find a purpose for the plugin. The delays repeats can be synced to the hosts tempo and time signature, and all properties of Regrader can be controlled and automated.

Available for VST/VST3 for PC & Mac!

More information here: Regrader Degenerative Delay 

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