Loopfield for iOS Is A Creative Field Recorder App For Capturing & Transforming Sounds On The Fly!

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With Reflow Studio Loopfield for iPhone/iPad you can sample sounds from anywhere on the go, loop and process them with effects further!

Reflow Studio has announced a new audio app for iOS that just make fun. Loopfield is a kind of field recorder app for sound designers. Similar to FieldScaper, Loopfield can also record sounds on the fly, build loops from them and gives you the option manipulate them further with effects (granular…).

Beside recording sounds on the fly, it comes also with an sample import and export feature for wav files. A really interesting app in my opinion with which you can discover quick new sounds. Loopfield is part of the monthly app giveaway on the SYNTH ANATOMY Patreon page. Support the iOS coverage with minimum $1 USD to participate on monthly giveaways.

Reflow Studio Loopfield

App Description

Plug your headphones into your iPhone and wander in the streets to catch noises, voices, and horns. The app is continuously recording sounds around you and automatically generates loops. Those loops are processed in real time by granular effects that transform them on the fly. To get a sense of what the recording will sound like when immersed in a track, you can import and play your own premade beat. Once you’re happy with it, you can export the loop to incorporate it into a larger DAW-based project.


  • Designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad
  • Slick native UI
  • Continuous recording of the surrounding sounds
  • Loops generated from the recordings, automatically updated each four bars
  • Four different effect sets to sculpt the generated loops in real time
  • Effects based on granular synthesis
  • Importation of drum loops from iCloud, Dropbox, AudioCopy, AudioShare, Mail, Airdrop and more to get an sense of the generated loops in a full audio track context
  • Touchable amplitude envelope to easily shape the sound
  • Sound export in .wav format

Reflow Studio Loopfield is available now on the Apple App Store for iPhone/iPad for $3.99 USD.

Available here: Loopfield 

Patreon Support: SYNTH ANATOMY

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